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This is a one time session of 90 minutes, a collaboration between You & Me.

We’ll look at your pelvic condition, alignment, daily habits that might excerbate, what patterns you have and what you can do to create pelvic health.

\* Understanding whichmuscles, bones and ligaments are involved
\* Learn to strengthen, relax and activate the muscle properly
\* Gain body awareness for pelvic stability and congruency
\* A PDF for a daily practice to increase stability
\* Improve physical and muscular integrity

A brief description of the muscles will help you understand how they al work together and why and imbalance leads to incontinence, back pain, less pleasure during sex.

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Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, Ayurvedic Wellness Educator and Writer at Shira Cohen Yoga

My passion is guiding you to physical health, and emotional and mental wellbeing, through Yoga therapy, meditation, Ayurveda and emotional literacy. So that together we’re a world of empowered people, able to co-create an intelligent, naturally healthy world.

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Yoga Therapy
Apr 2 2021

Waking up in the middle of the night, trying to fall asleep, seems like an eternity. (Especially when we need to be fresh for that VIProject!) You’re not alone. Worldwide 51% of us have sleep woes. And not just adults, more kids struggle with sleep issues…

Shira Cohen
Yoga Therapy
Apr 1 2021

Pelvic health helps relieve hip and lower back pain, improve bowel and bladder function, and contributes to sexual pleasure. Pelvic floor muscles hold all our vital organs, support our spine, connecting lower and upper body. Imbalances in pelvic floor hea…

Shira Cohen
Yoga Therapy
Mar 30 2021
Yoga Therapy & Our Koshas

Yoga therapy works with our five Koshas, aspects or bodies of living. Effective, deep and skilful Yoga therapy is an art successful where other modalities fail. It’s effectiveness lies in working with the Koshas.

According to Yogic philosophy, we’ve got …

Shira Cohen
Yoga Therapy
Mar 30 2021
Prana is Life Energy, Breath & Soul

Life is energy. Energy defines life. Energy as defined by physicists, according to Dr Daniel Siegel, is the movement from possibility to actuality. Very similar to anciet and traditional philosophies.

And Prana is the Sanskrit word for the intelligence o…

Shira Cohen
Yoga Therapy
Mar 30 2021
Yoga to Empower Emotions During Difficult Times

Emotions and mental states were always very intriguing for me.

On a journey of reclaiming wellbeing since I was young. Passionate about finding answers to pain points for loved ones and understand health on all levels, I was drawn to Yoga, meditation and…

Shira Cohen

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Shira Cohen
Apr 28, 2021

Hey Taysha!

If you have lower back, sacral, hip, pelvic or SI joint pain, pelvic floor muscle imbalance is often a likely cause, or contributor. Muscular and ligamental imbalance, such as weakness, tightness or both, pulls fascia, organs, joints and bones out of place.

Pelvic floor muscles hold all our vital organs, support our spine, connecting lower and upper body. Imbalances in pelvic floor health cause 25% of lower back pain, 50% of constipation and 80% of incontinence can be helped by pelvic health.

These imbalances affect the rest of the organs, spine, shoulders and neck causing aches in joints, nerves and muscles.

I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to tell me why you think you might need this.

Taysha Duckworth
Apr 28, 2021

Wow, this is super interesting! But how would a person know that there are issues with their pelvic health? And what does typically cause those issues?

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