Understand your Mind. Group meditation training.

$115 USD
$115 USD

The knowledge of one’s own mind is neither a religion nor philosophy. Even though contemplative traditions existed for millennia in spiritual context, the nature of one’s own mind can be explored regardless one’s religious, moral, or scientific believes. Mind cannot be directly observed from outside, therefore, we need contemplative methods to observe it from inside. Certain things are invisible just because we don’t know where to look, what to notice, and lack proper instruments. Meditation is a way to develop mental optics as well as a skill how to use it.
A course of 5 sessions 2 hours each. Video conference. A group of 6-10 people. 115$ per person for the course (10 hours).

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Irene Hudson2021-06-07 21:34 UTC

Tell me, please, will one course be enough? Will I be able to immediately notice the result of my meditations? Thank you in advance for your answer!

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