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3 Month Health Coaching for Disordered Eating & Binge Eating

coaching session
$555 USD

How often have you told yourself this would be the last time? You'll get the ultimate satisfaction and never need to do it again. So you give yourself free reign to buy any food you like, no matter the financial, physical and emotional costs. If this sounds all too familiar, I'm here to tell you that you can be free of this rollercoaster, no matter how long you’ve been on it. In my free Recovery Guide (on my website) you’ll learn why you've been stuck in these cycles and just how easy it is to break free once you have the keys.

Before you sigh, thinking this is yet more diet sheets and months of superhuman willpower, fear not! I'm well aware these don't work and just leave you feeling more demoralised and entrenched in unhealthy cycles.I was a binge eater for over 20 years so know only too well that this just doesn't work. Through the support of one-to-one health coaching I'll provide you with all the education and accountability you need. Plus, it's so much more enjoyable when you’re no longer doing it your own! It really is possible to turn your life around and find lasting peace with food.

I work with my clients for a minimum of 12 weeks, where you'll be able to book the sessions in in your own time. The programme contains:

  1. General health assessment and deep dive into your history of binge eating and relationship with food.
  2. Library of educational and support materials to complement your journey. This includes information on nutrition, including recipes and managing emotional aspects.
  3. Personal support plan with any additional guidance based on your health assessment and initial consultation.
  4. Education and guidance on why someone binge eats and how to prevent or overcome the urges to binge.
  5. Emotional support and guidance around other activities to encourage the recovery process.
  6. Regular zoom sessions with daily contact via Whatsapp (or equivalent) inbetween. Some of my clients like 2 or 3 messages a day to keep them on track - we'll work out together what's best for you.

So start your journey today and think where you can be in just a few months time!

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$555 USD
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