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The Kyokan Parenting Roadmap : Tame Tantrums with Calm Confidence will teach you to systematically practice key skills in your daily interactions with your child so you can transform confusion and conflict to confidence and cooperation. This 5 session program will help you learn to practice 6 simple skills in your daily interactions with your children to improve the quality of your relationship. You’ll have what you need to build a mutually respectful relationship in which you are trusted to be able to help. From there, you can solve ANY problem - together. You’ve tried other approaches. But nothing this straightforward. With The Kyokan Parenting Roadmap there’s: • No neuroscience and models of the brain to unpack. • No developmental theories to muddle through. • No behaviour charts and reward systems to set up. Just simple skills, intentionally practiced in daily life, when it matters most. NOTE: This is a 5 session program and results can only be achieved by attending, actively participating and following through on what you learn in all 5 sessions. The total cost for individual (one-on-one) delivery of these 5 sessions will be $1,000.

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As an experienced Occupational Therapist (Alberta, Canada) specializing in children's mental health, an educator, and a parent, I know the value of helping parents learn how to understand what their children need from them. And they can do it! For children of any age. Without learning neuroscience or developmental theories or jargon. Simple. Accessible. Real. Parenting.
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Phoebe Savir
Apr 29, 2021

How often do these five sessions take place?

$200 USD