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Spirit Consultation

$45 USD
$45 USD

Utilization of tools and energy to attempt to clarify the unknown and make it seen. Tarot, crystal balls, scrying glasses, pendulums, rune stones, bones, Spirit Boards, as well as Kinesiology (muscle testing), one or more of these modalities will be employed.

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Logan, NM 88426, USA

Blessings and Merry Meet! I am Reverend Maria Wilcox leader of CoExist Commune Free Church and Spiritual Journey Center. I have been practicing Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan rituals as well as my Native American beliefs all of my life. I love to teach, heal and connect with Universal Spirit. My goal in this plane is to bring together as many light workers as possible to heal each other and the Earth.

On Core Spirit since November 2020

Rev. Maria D. Wilcox

Naturopathic, Holistic, Alternative, natural/ nature based, herbal. All of these can be used to describe the method of treating dis-ease that does not fall into the normal that society has become accustomed to since its birth in the 18th century. Modern medicine has brought so much relief to many through such things as Penicillin, vaccines that have made certain killer diseases almost extinct, as well as surgical procedures and many other wonderful discoveries. However, in all of the research and discoveries, some things have been lost. The ability to take time with the patient. Allopathic (modern) doctors do not spend hands on time with the people that come to see them. They reduce the person to a handful of symptoms and treat those as if they were standing alone and not related to each other or a result of something entirely different. Society has become accustomed to going to the doctor whenever anything seems not normal, and receiving a pill to make it all better. If someone doesn’t come away with a prescription they feel somehow cheated and wonder if they should get a second opinion. Doctors have taken to prescribing antibiotics in such a fashion that diseases are becoming resistant and that is creating a serious issue.

Modern medicine has created serious problems with addictions to drugs, making emotions seem like they are a bad thing, prescribing psychiatric drugs at a rapid pace and then more drugs to counter act the side effects of those drugs.

Traditional natural medicine, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic, Alternative. These describe ways of discovering why someone is presenting certain symptoms. The practitioner would take the time to assess the entire person. Asking questions such as what they do for work, hobbies, family life, sleep patterns, eating, etc. It is a very in depth assessment that takes all areas of the person’s (not patient) life, emotional, mental and physical situation into account. The practitioner spends time taking pulses all over the body, looking at the person’s eyes, tongue, ears, testing the reflexes and many other things. This takes time. Usually the initial appointment can take up to and maybe over 2 hours.

Lifestyle changes, diet changes, supplements, exercise changes or additions, fluid intake, bowel movements, all of these things would be addressed to relieve the dis-ease that the person is exhibiting. Have you noticed that dis-ease is used instead of disease? It is because the person in question is experiencing dis-ease in the body. The flow of energy has been disrupted by something and needs to be realigned. This can take the form of many different instructions and implementation of different foods, fluids and other items into the person’s lifestyle. Yes it is a bit more complicated than just popping a pill and going on with things. However, taking the time to actually be involved with health and wellness has its benefits.

Rev. Maria D. Wilcox
The POWER with-in and with-out is yours to utilize for manifesting Greatness and Love. Part I

Energy is very important for life and vitality. When you are happy your energy level is up and you not only feel good, people around you will feel the happy energy and it will perk them up as well.

The ability is within us all. It is just up to us to discover it.

When your energy level is low, disrupted due to stress or some other upset then it seems that every thing just wants to go wrong. We have all had these days, however the key is not to let it continue. Sometimes that is almost impossible due to the reason for the disruption. If, however, you focus on the negative you will be surprised at how badly things go in a very quick fashion. Negative energy will draw more negativity just like a magnet. People will feel your negative energy and it will disrupt their energy field and like dominoes things will tumble.

There are many ways to build up energy and many ways to deplete energy. Realizing that your energy may have been depleted through stress, illness, energy suckers, lack of sleep or many other possibilities is the first step to fixing the problem. Everyone knows that lack of sleep, stress and illness will wear you out, however it is not so well known any more that other people can suck the energy right out of you whether they mean to or not.

Being aware of how you feel on a daily basis is key to realizing that you need a recharge. There are also ways to shield yourself against people or things that will drain your energy. We will touch on some of those ways here, however more detailed information will be in a following class. For now let us take a look at how to be aware of our energy level.

How do you feel? Tired, run down, nervous, agitated?

Trouble sleeping?

Lack of appetite or maybe you are ravenously hungry?

Trouble concentrating?

The above issues may be a sign that somehow your energy has been hijacked. Let’s start with the easy stuff first; up your fluid intake, preferably hydrating fluid like water infused with herbs, fruit etc. Restructure your diet to get rid of undesirable empty calorie items such as junk foods and processed foods. Add some exercise in especially quiet walks in nature settings (safety first). Put yourself on a schedule that includes eliminating techno devises from your sleeping area especially if they emit light. These things will help to boost your ability to sleep, concentrate and will even out your appetite. Now that those things are taken care of, down to the nitty gritty. Have you been spending time with people that are always negative, grumbling, complaining, never smiling or just feeling down all the time? If there is any way possible you need to distance yourself from these people. If you must associate with them put some personal space between you and them, do not shake hands, hug or touch. This will minimize the issues. If you have to travel on public transportation you will have to learn how to shield yourself (more about that in a future class). What if the people you are around are not looking like the problem? It may be that just being exposed to the general public is draining, or like the majority of the population of the world you spend a lot of time on social media sites. This will also drain your energy. Reading posts, comparing yourself to others, looking at the pictures of starving animals, these things are detrimental to your well-being.

Homework : Think about what you have learned. Really explore how you feel and what type of people you are around. Look at your lifestyle and career. Now make a list of how you feel mentally and physically. Make another list of people you are frequently around and next to them a list of feelings you experience when in their presence as well as before and after you are near them, or even how you feel after you talk or text them. Do you frequent social media? List how you feel before, during and after the experience. Do you use public transportation, sit in traffic frequently? All of these things need to be addressed. Once you have done this. Put the list away to use for the next segment. Go make a cup of tea, draw a hot bath and relax with some healing music. Blessings and Love, til the next segment.

Rev. Maria D. Wilcox
Rock On!

Stones have for thousands of years been used for tools, jewelry, and other not so mundane purposes. Stone makes up the

bones of the planet that we live upon. It provides the base for our buildings, materials for building and many other things. For our ancestors as well as ourselves stones of every shape, size and type have been used for a variety of reasons.

Obsidian, a beautiful left-over from volcanic upheavals, has many different looks. It can be used as a cutting tool, arrow and spear point or to scrape off hair from face or hide. However, this amazing stone has other more illusive properties. Some of the more simple uses are to represent the element of Fire in a circle of magick. Obsidian when used in reference to healing and magic can be used as protection against negativity, anxiety, as well as assisting the Chakras.

Jasper comes in wonderful colors that correspond to different areas in the body and different uses. This stone promotes warmth, self healing, has been known to relieve nausea and is even mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

Fluorite also known as Fluorspar, has been said to have therapeutic affects when infused through water. This stone comes in a variety of beautiful colors, yellow, rainbow, violet, green, blue and even pyrite. Rainbow fluorite assists the psychic endeavors.

Some of the mundane uses of stones are as jewelry, carving mediums, paper weights, and landscaping accessories. However, when used as these items there are still elements of the not so mundane. Jewelry holds a significant place in the minds and hearts of humanity. It can show possession such as a wedding ring or engagement ring. A beautiful headpiece can show that you are in the presence of someone of the elite class. Certain settings such as pentagrams, moons, stars, could lead you to believe that this person was someone of the Magickal community. When an artist chooses stone for carving there is a sense of what the finished product will represent. Landscape stones give a certain sense of calm, or illusion, even the lowly paperweight holds some appeal for the owner.

Using stones in holistic or natural healing has been done for many centuries, however it has seen a resurgence in popularity. Stone, rock, gems, they are pretty, interesting, unique each and every one as varied and different as they are useful. Take a hike!! No, really, go for a stroll and look around. Do you see anything? Even on a sandy beach there is a glimmer in the sand, a crystalline shimmer. The bones of the Earth have many gifts to give as long as you are ready to receive them.

Here’s a few to spark your interest: Sugalite, Rainbow Jasper, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Fire Agate, Apache Tears, Lingam, and Boji.

Start your own Rock Journal. Look around your environment, what kind of stones do you have? Is there a local shop where you can go peruse stones and learn more about how they feel and the energy they have? Happy rock hunting!!

Rev. Maria D. Wilcox
It's Tea Time!

Welcome back and Blessings everyone! This class is about TEA. Tea is a wonderful thing, it calms the nerves, soothes the digestion, encourages enlightening conversation, heals ills, and is a warm wonderful addition to a good book and comfy sitting spot.

So, let’s get the necessary tools together to explore this wonderful beverage. You will need the following: a teapot or percolator, if you have city water or it does not taste good use PH balanced bottled water, some honey or other natural sweetener, a favorite mug and spoon, a tea ball to hold loose tea, and of course some herbs.

Herbal choices for the beginner : Chamomile (soothing, makes it easy to sleep, only use if you are not going to be driving, ) Lemon Balm ( calming, good for the digestion) Hibiscus (lemony flavor, however will lower blood pressure so use caution) Lavender, Echinacea, Sage, and Peppermints ( lovely flavor, immune boosters, soothers)


Tea is an infusion of plant matter through the use of hot water over the shredded, dried leaves and sometimes stems and roots of plants. This technique has been used since the beginnings of time by Shamans, mothers, wise women, healers, and the population in general for a myriad of issues. Tea can be a way to enjoy the benefits of a plant’s healing powers. Echinacea, chamomile, peppermint, these come to mind when thinking of healing plants. They boost the immune system, relax the nerves and soothe the digestion. They also taste great! Tea is a social medium as well. It is served when gathering with friends or visitors to relax the situation, set a warm welcome, allow for an easy conversational setting. Comforting and healing tea is something that will assist in the expansion of the mind and soul.

This lesson’s focus will be to research 3 teas of your choice and try them out! Make sure that you read and research well, do not use something that may not work well if you are on any pharmaceutical medications. Pharmaceutical medications for mood, blood pressure, and blood sugar do not mix well with St. John’s Wort, Hibiscus, or Cinnamon. If you are pregnant do not use Sage, Oregano, Hibiscus, or Rosemary.

When you have tried the teas, write your research out and submit. Please include the type of plant used, why you chose it, have you used it before, how it tastes, did you use a sweetener, did you mix it with another type of plant, what were the results. Enjoy, cheers.

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Blessings Joan. I totally understand what you are going through. When you have worked hard to get where you are and look around at your achievements and the smile falls from your face when you realize you are not where you want to be, it can be very disheartening. I usually find that this is caused by not listening to the hints and suggestions that Universe has been sending. We as humans have a tendency to think that we know best how to guide our own destiny and forget that we come from the higher power that still has access to the big picture. In our human form we give up the instant access and must work to reconnect. There are several ways to do this. If you would like I can help you to work through this and find your best way to reconnect.

Joan Wilson3y ago

Hello! I wish I knew what I wanted in life. I got my bachelor’s degree and have some work experience already but I feel like I’m never gonna be happy. Nothing inspires me, nothing makes me passionate. Do you have any advice on how to find my purpose?

Tarot Reading
Rev. Maria D. Wilcox
May 27, 2024, 13:00
Rev. Maria D. Wilcox
May 27, 2024, 13:00
One on One Metaphysical Studies Class 1
Spiritual Healing
Rev. Maria D. Wilcox
May 27, 2024, 13:00
Spiritual Journey Facilitation and Guidance

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Do you want to know more about your chronic condition and how to manage it? Have you been curious about implementing a dietary change? Do you feel like you’ve been consuming too much alcohol? Have you been thinking of exercising more but not sure where to start? Have you tried 5 different diets in the past 2 years without any success?

I can absolutely help you get to where you want to be!

Together, we will explore your vision of what better health and wellness look like to you and by capitalizing on your unique strengths, values and experiences we will create attainable goals and implement proven strategies to help you achieve them.

I am looking forward to meeting with you!

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Bahar Nagi
May 27, 2024, 09:00

Working with priorities of the body , to assist the body and mind to communicate , synchronise , and heal .
Light tapping on the head (brain), sternum (heart) and gut brain helps facilitate the change by the body .

BodyTalk is a simple yet powerful way to communicate directly with our bodies, finding out what really lies at the core of our physical or emotional symptoms. Combining modern science with traditional healing methods, BodyTalk gently encourages our systems to reveal what needs to be addressed.

Really big changes can be made without having to relive the past or make huge efforts, simply by asking the body what is going on right now. By tapping into the innate healing wisdom within each of us, BodyTalk stimulates recovery, balance and good health on all levels. It can address all types of issues from physical, to emotional , to trauma, and is particularly useful in traumatic situations where we do not want to relive issues, but simply want to clear them and allow the body and mind to heal. All stressors affect the body mind unless and until they are addressed and shifted.

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Lavanya Kumar Shrivastava
May 27, 2024, 06:00
Self Image Transformation Through Visualisation

This Session Will Take 40 Mins To 1 Hour. Depends from student to student.

A self image is not something that you see in the mirror but what you start telling yourself once you see yourself in the mirror. Most of the clients that i worked with did not even know they had a chance to move past their past in just single session.

This is the simplest way to a good life! your mind is like an electronic switching station. converting the potential energy into kinetic energy. Look at your current results you will know wherever you are stuck.

Ask for Help. Invest in your well being.

Includes A Practice Session Free Demo Of 20 Minutes To Know if we can Work with each other.

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Katerina Bendova
May 29, 2024, 14:00
Healing Tarot Reading - LIVE

I use tarot reading as an entertaining but very powerful healing tool which helps to reflect what you are currently holding in your field you might not be aware of and to channel messages from your Higher self to help you on your journey.

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Distance Healing
Fernando Albert
May 27, 2024, 14:00
(En Español) The Healing: No labels, just White Light


A treatment feels like a wonderful White Light flowing around you. With an energy healing you will bring balance to your body, your emotions, your mind and spirit, and your feelings of tranquility and inner peace will be amplified. By improving balance in your life, you will improve your focus, well-being, and happiness. When we find the sentimental sources that cause physical pain, we usually eliminate the pain.

You can request a healing for yourself, for a family member, a pet, or a place or object. I can send White Light to negative moments in the past (in this life or past lives), for better results in a present situation or for protection.

The Healing focuses on: * All your living areas. * Your body, mind, spirit. * Past Lifes, and Karma (cord cutting) * Bringing positive past moments to the present.

I will send you the healing when your Guides or your Higher Self consider that you are more receptive, and then we will connect for a few minutes by video and I will explain to you how the healing went, and if your Guides have anything to explain to you.

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Spiritual Healing
Mateusz Bajerski
May 27, 2024, 08:00
Meet Your Spiritual Consultant: Healing, Insights & Growth [Discovery Call]

> Connect with your Higher Self.
> Remember who you are.

~ Mateusz Bajerski, Spiritual Consultant


This is a Discovery Call of 45 minutes. We will create a safe space in order to connect with your heart and listen to what your heart has to share—heart coherence—when it comes to what you're looking for in your healing, growth and expansion, bringing you in alignment with your soul journey while your life is shaped and re-shaped in the face of uncertainty. During this same call, intuitive insight will be provided and a grounding technique in relation to what you're going through will be taught: this will enable us to know each other better.

A healing, insights and growth plan proposition will be shared, drawing from hypnotherapy practices to build a stronger bridge to your Higher Self, your own source of limitless power and knowledge as you move with the ebb and flow of life.

Does it suit me?

Are you looking to be better attuned to your True Spiritual Self and learn about the mosaic of your Soul as you face the uncertainty of life? Are you looking to grow, expand and access your limitless inner power and knowledge?

Are you looking to collaborate with a Spiritual Consultant along this journey of accelerated ascension?


The benefits of spiritual healing, growth and expansion incorporating hypnotherapy allow total transformation, connecting you to your own source of wisdom and limitless knowledge—your Higher Self.

✓ One-on-one sessions virtual or in-person
✓ Blocks of 1h to 1h30
✓ Bridging the gap between the spiritual and the physical planes


You can expect:
✓ The spiritual consultant to personally be present with you throughout, including the follow-up
✓ Learning the heart coherence technique
✓ Being in an alpha state of consciousness—relaxed state
✓ Learning a grounding technique
✓ A healing plan proposition drawing from hypnotherapy practices to be shared

Disclaimer: Please note that the effective attunement to an expanded state of consciousness is a practice that is sustained in order for our brain to create new neural pathways. It is possible to nurture long-lasting and permanent positive outcomes with targeted hypnotherapy over a sustained period of time.


Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly five times. Set your intentions. Please ensure you are sober.

About the spiritual consultant

Mateusz Bajerski, BA Philosophy, MA Cognitive Science, Dip. Hyp. HNWHP (PHPA), is a London-based spiritual consultant, incorporating hypnotherapy into his healing practice. Born in Częstochowa, Poland, he went on a soul-searching journey across Europe before opening his practice in London, England. His travels were inspired by a deep self-questioning stage of his life marked by the passing away of his father and the depression that followed. Mateusz found self-forgiveness through an Ayahuasca ceremony.

A motorcycle accident in 2017 helped him re-align with his soul’s mission and led him to start his successful spiritual practice. He has guided 200+ individuals in connecting with their Higher Self to clear subconscious emotional blockages, opening a safe space for insights and growth, and equipping them with tools to self-regulate in order to consciously create a reality of their own.

With a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Cognitive Science, Mateusz Bajerski, Dip. Hyp. HWHP, is part of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association (PHPA). He trained at UK’s Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy–GHSC Assessed and Accredited. He was also a student of Dr Aleksander Daniłow, a psychotherapist in clinical hypnosis working with politicians, business people and actors. He trained at the practice of the renowned Dr Andrzej Kaczorowski, the author of “Conscious and Unconscious Self-Hypnosis: The Effective Therapy To Release Your Limitations,” “The Power of Hypnosis,” “Reincarnation And Hypnosis In Therapy,” “Hypnosis and Dreams,” “Reincarnation In Hypnotherapy” and “Reincarnation in Hypnosis.”

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Distance Healing
Ruth Svakataly Daugherty
May 28, 2024, 09:00
Divine protection: 40 day Blueprint and opening of 12 timelines

During the session, you will receive the blueprint for 40 days and I will open 12 timelines for you.

Blueprint with Oronos® according to Natara®:

  • The blueprint protects you against 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI, Bluebeam, MK Ultra, mind control, attack from lower frequency beings, and atomatic energies.

  • It speeds up your personal development. Part of your soulbook is opened with the blueprint. It brings divine order into your life.

  • With being reconnected to your blueprint in the quantum field clarity and peace start becoming more and more reality in your life.

  • The blueprint is divine love energy.


A timeline is like an energy portal. When a timeline of the future is opened then old timelines (like suffering, death, war, and destruction) are closed. A timeline is like an energy portal, an opening of a new consciousness. They are also accelerators and amplifiers for your life. The timelines will stay open in your life as long as they are needed. With the opened timelines of the future you can start living a life filled with joy, laughter, happiness and abundance.

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Shamanic Healing
Olga Aydınoğlu
May 27, 2024, 06:00
Writer's Block Shamanic Healing Session

Before the Session

I do my pre-meditation to find out the main reasons for your writer's block. (This happens psychically, where I generally just need your name, but a picture can help, too.)

It may be as simple as a deep rooted belief that once you write from your heart and really put your honest thoughts and fantacies out there, you will be harshly judged, not understood, criticised, unappreciated, ridiculed, laughed at, so on and so forth. It may have its origin in a trauma you have experienced in this life time or more than one lifetime. It could be a karmic cycle you're going through and maybe it's not the first life, where you struggle to be your true self and to express yourself freely.

Perhaps, it could be a belief that no matter how hard you try, you can never create a really good piece of writing. Perhaps, it's an issue of completing something. Perhaps, concerns over money and writing what sells (and not what is close to heart) that's the problem.

The above are just examples. I would need to meditate to see what your unique situation is.

Reading Part of the Session

In this part, I will let you know what I saw in my visions when I pre-meditated on your writer's block.

Healing Part of the Session

We will discuss the reading part of the session and wil find what traumas / reasons / habits / beliefs / etc. are available for healing. We may find the specific events, decisions or promises you made in the past that need to be revisited and changes made. With your permission, I will perform shamanic healing for those particular birth places of the limiting beliefs, fears and hurts that lie at the heart of why you are experiencing your writer's block.

This kind of healing is not only good for critical instances, where help is needed. If you are not experiencing writer's block at this time, this kind of healing can reveal issues you would benefit from healing and clearing to become even better at what you do, do release any fears, judgements, beliefs, limitation that may be hindering your writing at this time.

The goal of this healing session is to get you to feel safe and comfortable being your true authentic self, making your authentic decisions and taking bold steps in the persuit of freely and openly expressing your true self in a unique way, and doing it with pleasure, joy and peace.

Please write your questions, concerns and anything else you would like to know about this session in the comments below.

  • Please book your session a few days in advance because I need some time to meditate on your particular situation and understand for myself, what action steps can be taken for healing.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician or a mental health provider. My services and content are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis and/or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or a mental health condition. Never disregard professional medical and/or mental health advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.

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