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Shamanic Trauma Healing Session

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Shamanic healing of trauma, that is most relevant and presents itself for healing at this time for you. This may include past life similar traumas, repeating karmic cycles, ancestral healing, so on and so forth.

Trauma is not always necessarily something so intense as an obvious single physical violent experience. It may be something, one has been brought up with, that seems to be quite normal and even plausible in todays's society. For example, having been brought up, where the "value" of a person is measured in terms of the amount of work done, suffering incurred or money manifested, may lead to workaholism, unhealthy martyrdom, emotional suppression and perpetual self-sacrifice, where one's value, as measured by external factors and other people's standards and expectations, is perpetually perceived as not enough. This is also trauma - the devaluation of one's worth, as a human being and tying it to particular externally measured factors. This may be a cause of addictions, depression, chronic fatigue, unhealthy relationships, chronic health problems and so forth.

Important: Healing trauma is a longer process than a one hour session, even if we do heal karmic history and other issues that present themselves. During a one hour session, we can heal the amount of issues that present themselves at that time. However, this healing can help you to move on and do more healing, realizations, reconsidering yourself and your life, and ultimately, becoming the healed you, who doesn't need to continuously act and react to things in life, as stipulated by traumatic damages. It is one step, but a step that will help you make more steps easier and more aware of yourself, your true value, true desires and true expression.

**Disclaimer: **I am not a licensed physician/mental health provider. My services are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical/mental health advice, diagnosis and/or treatment.

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Hi, my name is Olga. I have been having visions of the non-3D realm since I was a child. Today, through my Third Eye visions / Psychic Perception, I spend my time discovering how the universe functions, how the human functions, how we find ourselves in a particular reality, and how we create it. I help people rediscover why they have created the reality they experience today and how to change it.

2 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2020

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