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January 27

Shamanic Healing Art: Visual Healing Medicine from Your Own Spirit, Higher-Self or the Deep Subconscious

What if looking at a drawing could activate spiritual healing? I don’t mean just to relax you or lift your spirits up, though that can often be transformative enough.

I mean quite specific healing, such as helping you with your specific shadow work of your choice. In other words: helping you transform your long-standing, but outdated, destructive and obsolete beliefs, attitudes, habits and thoughts.

After all, thoughts are more physical than we often remember to give them credit for. They eventually turn into desires, goals, actions and then our physical reality, don’t they? Oftentimes, not the ones we wish we had manifested into the physical reality in retrospect.

Visually stimulated personal transformation is not new. There is color therapy, light codes and light language, sacred geometry, symbols, sigils, runes and so forth. Whether we choose to consider certain symbols, geometric shapes, sigils and ancient runes as sacred or spiritual in any way, they do have an effect on us subconsciously.

Even a simple circle, square or a triangle have an effect on us. Combine that with color, you amplify that effect. Combine it all in the right ways with other imagery, emotional messages, suggestions and you’ve got quite an influential piece of visual imagery.

Professional advertisers, PR agents, movie producers and such, study this as a part of their university programs for years, so that they can influence our opinions, beliefs and actions through commercials, infomercials, movie scenes and so on. But what if we harness the power of visual imagery for healing, and not for buying more products?

Before I digress, I hope I have made a point of how influential visual imagery can be, even in regular everyday situations without any shamanism, spirituality or magic. Ah, the magic!

As more and more people activate and develop their intuition, third-eye perception, psychic abilities and gifts today, more of what seemed to be magical and supernatural before, reveals itself as natural and logical, only forgotten and then recalled again.

So is the story with me. Since I was a child, I have been experiencing various visions and experiences that would classify as out of the ordinary. When I shared them with people closest to me, I was told that it was imagination and I should forget about it.

However, as I got older and these experiences only grew more frequent, I have finally learned to harness them in the way that I want and understand. I have met a shamanism teacher and started on my own shamanic healing path.

Since I was always a visual person and very much connected to visual symbols and meaningful imagery, it occurred to me to draw and paint the visions I would see during my third-eye meditations and shamanic practices.

I soon realized that when I look at my artworks depicting my spiritual experiences, I would be taken back to that moment when something was revealed to me in the spirit world and I was transformed.

Whenever I would look at the artwork of what I had seen “on the other side of the veil”, I would experience the same transformation, but on newer and ever deeper levels. I would be emotionally moved in different ways, but in the same original direction.

I then experimented doing the same thing, but for another person. I did, what you would call a psychic reading for them, a conversation with their spirit/higher-self/subconscious. Using my practices, I received the visual imagery that would stimulate a particular kind of healing for them, specifically for the issue they were struggling with at that time. I then drew that imagery and gave it to them.

The reaction I got was amazing. They were surprised at how the imagery made sense to them in an unexpected and warm way. They still keep my drawing where they can always see it.

I do not want to reveal their personal struggle and healing here, but let me say that this experience was a confirmation for me that I found a way that I can offer healing for people and for myself as well.

I found that combining the actual drawing processes with shamanic healing practices and energy work intensifies the healing powers of the drawing itself, especially if the person you are drawing for has asked for a specific kind of healing.

Learning about and psychically connecting to ancient symbols, such as runes, has also helped me realize how there is a whole wealth of ancient imagery out there that stimulates us on a deep, subconscious level, returning us to our roots, healing us and bringing us back to ourselves, but healthier, stronger and wiser.

There is a reason why the ancients taught wisdom through stories of animals, natural events, magical transformation and used symbols to activate certain thought processes in us. There is truly a visual language and medicine out there that is worth a thousand words and we do have the capacity to access it and gain healing benefits from it.

These are the images that “speak” without words on a deep inner intuitive/psychic level to each personality and soul individually, whether they have developed their intuitive/psychic abilities in this life or not. General images carry meanings and transform us on a collective level, but we all have a personal visual “language” in our inner worlds, too. This is the healing language I have learned to connect to in my practice.

As I dove deep, long and frequently into third-eye meditations, delving into visual imagery, sacred geometry, ancient symbolism, natural world imagery and more, it has come to me that they have meaning, they influence us on many levels and that they can trigger specific healing in us. It has come to me that there is a kind of “visual medicine” available for all of us to tap into.

I do believe that anybody can tap into this “visual medicine” with practice. It is our natural right and heritage. It is a part of who we are. It is also one of the keys available to us for facilitating healing and self-transformation.

There is no limit to what we can find when we dive within.


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