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What is Shamanic Healing Art?

It is a physical artwork (usually a pastel drawing) I make for you based on the outcome of our online session. This artwork will contain visual images, which will stimulate a particular kind of healing in you, either directed at a specific issue you would like healing on or at what your soul/higher self/subconscious communicates to me.

What happens during our session?

During our session, you may choose to tell me a specific issue you would like healing on or you may choose to ask your soul/higher self/subconscious to specify the most relevant issue to be healed for you at this time.

I connect to your soul/higher self/subconscious by the means of my shamanic communication technique, which employs a combination of psychic skills, third-eye meditation, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and my shamanic techniques, given to me by my teacher.

During my communication, I ask your soul/higher self/subconscious for visual images, which would activate a particular kind of healing in you on a deep subconscious level, whether it is a particular issue you choose or what I see in you. I may be called to add sacred symbolism and rune work to enhance the energy work.

What happens after our session?

I will use the messages I receive from your soul/higher self/subconscious to create a physical artwork for you. During the process of drawing it, I will perform shamanic blessings, practices, and energy work. I will keep communicating with your soul to guide me while drawing throughout the process. I may be called to add sacred symbolism and rune work to enhance the energy work. I usually make pastel drawings.

Please allow one week for me to draw it. I then send it to the address you provide and I also send you a photo of it by e-mail.

You then display my drawing wherever you choose in your living space, workspace, or wherever you want. It would be best to display it so that you would glance at it often as you go about your day. It will provide you healing on a deep soul/higher self/subconscious level. Also, it will carry the energy of the shamanic blessings, practices, and energy work I include while drawing.

How does it work?

Being a very visual person, having had spiritual visions all of my life, I am very connected to visual imagery and symbolism and what they mean for us, and how they affect us on a deeper inner spiritual level. Every person is unique and they have their own “dictionary” of symbols and what they mean to them.

I am referring to the images that “speak” without words on a deep inner intuitive/psychic level to each personality and soul individually. Yes, images also have a collective meaning as well, but we have a personal visual “language” in our inner worlds, too.

It has come to me, as I dove deep, long, and frequently into third-eye meditations, delving into visual imagery, sacred geometry, ancient symbolism, natural world imagery, etc, and their meaning, influence, triggering, and healing in us, that there is a kind of “visual medicine” available for all of us to tap into.

Especially after I began learning shamanic healing practices with my teacher, and experimenting with what I learned, I realized that I could connect to a person’s soul/higher self/subconscious, whatever way we would like to organize that deeper, inner us, beyond space, matter, and time, and I could ask it what healing it would like right now the most and what imagery would be most influential for triggering transformation and healing on that deep level of our experience.

I reproduce the images I receive from your inner, deeper self, call it soul, higher self or the subconscious, on paper and you get to see those images in this 3D experience, transcending the physical and the deep soul level, being transformed and healed in a very personalized and unique way.

*Please book an appointment with me at least one day in advance.

**I am not a licensed physician/mental health provider. My services are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical/mental health advice, diagnosis and/or treatment.

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Hi, my name is Olga. I have been having visions of the non-3D realm since I was a child. Today, through my Third Eye visions / Psychic Perception, I spend my time discovering how the universe functions, how the human functions, how we find ourselves in a particular reality, and how we create it. I help people rediscover why they have created the reality they experience today and how to change it.

2 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2020

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Olga Aydınoğlu
Apr 28, 2021

Thanks for your question, April. Shamanic healing offers a great way to find yourself. It’s the main reason I chose shamanism. However, this is a very deep question and, naturally, it cannot be expected to be solved in one go.

I can help you by connecting to your soul/higher self, exploring this question with you, giving you energy healing, healing of the trauma and the blocks that may be standing in the way of you finding yourself, utilizing other shamanic practices and providing you with guidance and suggestions, which often comes from your own soul/higher self, on what you can do to help yourself on your journey of finding yourself. I do not work with psychological profiles you mention, though.

I suggest trying my basic Shamanic Healing Session first, without the healing artwork. You can find it in my service section.

And remember, what you are seeking is also seeking you :)

Love, Olga (Expansion Scapes)

April Chase
Apr 27, 2021

I can’t imagine my psychological profile of the person, I really want to understand who I am. Will your session help me find myself?

$300 USD