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A Channeled Message from My Spirit Guides to All
Jul 2, 2021

Bring your sorrow and your pain,

There is nothing left to gain

From your silence and your feign

As if everything’s okay.

It is not, and you do know it,

You are hurt, but you don’t show it,

You are keeping it all in,

Deep inside you, deep within.

In a place, which holds so much

Unremembered and untouched,

For if you would look inside,

You’d drop everything and cry.

How can one hold so much sorrow?

How can one neglect so much?

You may ask and we will show you –

You’ve got everything inside.

You’ve got pain and you’ve got sorrow,

But what’s also by their side,

It’s your love and it’s your pleasure.

There’s so much – beyond all measure,

You just need to look within

And you’ll find it

All within.

Everything you need for healing,

Everything you need to live,

Everything you’ve ever wanted,

Everything is there within.

Bring your sorrow and your pain

Out – towards the light again.

Do not keep it stacked and hidden,

Secret, shameful and forbidden.

There is magic in your sight,

In your sight and in your light.

Know yourself, your pain, your sorrow,

What transpired, what had followed,

Know yourself and you will heal,

You can leave the karma wheel.

Know yourself through eyes of truth,

Broken, hurt, undone and nude,

Also know yourself divine,

Compassionate, forgiving, kind.

Forgiving of yourself and others,

Forgiving of the choices made,

Forgiving of the hurt and pain.

Open wide

The heavy lids of your mind’s eye,

Deep in the river of your sorrows,

Your memories, your choices,

Your wishes, dreams and hopes,

Your planned tomorrows,

Your fears, anger, shame,

Your disappointments and blame,

Creative coping mechanisms,

Vows – made in pain,

In vain,

Adopted schisms,

Emotions muted, trapped in detention,

Starved of compassion and attention,

Locked up and shut for ages,

In wondrous golden cages.

Self-punishment behaviors,

Disguised as martyrs and the saviors.

The magic rests between the lines.

The pleasure and the pain – divine,

Was planned by you,

To play and balance, partly blind,

Each one of you –

One of a kind.

Though blindness has its virtues and its gifts,

So does the naked truth and diving deep.

Dive deep then, and see the truth of you,

You are too beautiful to not be seen in full.

You are too precious, to not be treasured at the heart,

You are too talented and kind,

Creative, iridescent and divine.

In our mind’s eye,

You are – divine.

Dive deep,

And you will find –


In waters of delight and sorrow,

Today – and not tomorrow,

You’re lovely now,

The way you are –


Or blind,

Whichever way you chose,

We’re always there by your side.

Whether you laugh or cry,

We watch the world

Through your sweet eyes

And we rejoice

In every choice

You make

For you are always and forever more


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