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Have you tried every diet, trying to live a healthy lifestyle? Only to get more confused about the methodology behind every diet rather than get healthy, causing you to give up on your diet? I felt the sameway, losing weight following meal plans I didnt find enjoyable to follow, leading me to quit and gain the weight back. After trying several diets and failing to maintain the lifestyle, I decided to look into nutritional science and weight loss informatonfor myself. After about a month of research, I found the precision nutrition program, which is the most advanced, science and client-based educational nutrition program in world, later becoming certified. Using what I learned from the precision nutrtion program, I aim to help others set realistic goals, to become aware of what they're eating instead of reducing your food consumption following a strict calorie count. Using managable and clear plan, tailored to your individual specific needs, You will get long term healthy results. I offer a 45 min discussion + a personalized nutritional plan standalone, or online coachin(1-12months) including weekly checkings.

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Victor cobb PN. I aim to help anyone, from all walks of life , reach their fitness and health goals by taking control of their nutritional diet. Using the precision nutrition method I help guide clients towards a healthy impactful life style by replacing old habits with more health oriented habits.

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