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I love to improve the lives of those around me. In this package we will focus on the use of Crystals and Chakras. The other healing modalities will be touched upon as time permits or based upon your questions. You get a healing session and Yogic routine. In addition, I send the audio meditation written for you with your intentions along with a written report on Crystals, Crystal layouts, Yoga poses and Chants to establish your goals. Let me explain briefly how I approach your situation.

One part is I am an intuitive Healer who relies on divine guidance. Angels and their input is a part of my system. Gabriel has been appearing to me since as long as I can remember. Being Empathic and Clairempathic are two of the results of the interactions with the Angels.

The second aspect is Yoga and Chakra balancing. Let me teach you specific Yoga poses that nurture your gifts, welcome harmony and abundance into your life.

The Meditations that I write are very detailed as well as inspiring. I believe you can reprogram your brain and create your world by encouraging different thought patterns. Examples of my written meditations are weight loss, overcoming obstacles, overcoming loss, and encouraging self confidence. I take you to your higher self with guided meditations. It is a beautiful process of healing.

Crystals help us the align with different frequencies that we might be missing. Each crystal has its own energetic force. We are energy as are all things and thoughts. I believe crystals help to welcome earth energy and certain angels respond to them. Yoga teachings that I have had value the addition of crystals in mediation, yoga practice and just wearing them. Grids are geometric approaches that have been used for centuries as healing modalities.

I own a crystal store where you can shop at a discount to obtain items that donates profits to charity.

2nd Level Reiki and my use of singing bowls or sound therapy is another approach I use depending upon the needs you have or your interests.

I am an experienced Healer and Yogi, let's bring in the sunshine if a magical smile found in you.

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I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Chair and 2nd Level Reiki Master. As well as a Certified Crystal Healer and International Institute of Complementary Therapists. Offering my clients, years of guidance in Meditation,hundreds of hours of training, divine experiences and hopeful interactions to help improve their lives. I have my own Crystal shop. It is a not for profit.

16 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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