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$100 USD
$100 USD

meet online for a one hour counselling/psychotherpay session through a secure video link (PHIPPA compliant as per Canadian laws)
Please book 48 hour in advance to ensure that I can be available - and make sure you have a confirmation of the session; likewise cancellations I prefer to have 48 hours notice.

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Hello, I am a seeker of knowledge and experience in life. I wear many hats. I am an artist and writer and trained in Expressive Arts and in Social Work (Canada) and I maintain an online practice for therapy. In the past two years I went seeking and adventuring with my family learning on permaculture farms with people living sustainably. We are now launching our own project in Galicia.

10 years of practice
On Core Spirit since February 2021
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Kelly Thorarinson2021-05-16 12:14 UTC

Hello Irina,
In my experience of being a therapist - now for over 20 years (8 years in private practice) - there are no guarantees. What I do know is that I have helped many people from where they were at. I have supported people through transitions and provided practice advice and if one is willing to really work at the underlying internal content and deeply self-reflect, lots of change can be made.

I tend to look at therapy as co-creating an internal roadmap for you. You experience the terrain and know what may be connected, I have tools (questions, exercises) that can help you figure out the terrain accurately (i.e. know what metaphoric towns are connected and how many hills are in between) and determine how you want to work with that terrain.
I hope this helps. I will add that every therapist has their own style and it is important to find the right fit for you.
More questions are welcome; please keep in mind that this messaging is an open forum and your messages can be seen by whoever.

Irina Lazutina2021-05-15 21:07 UTC

Hello! Can this online psychotherapy session help me cope with problems in my personal life and how?

Kelly Thorarinson2021-05-13 14:06 UTC

Hello Michelle,
Thank you for reaching out to me. I can help with stress, both in teaching you mindfulness techniques, and on a CBT level I can help you with goal setting. I recognize that stress can have many sources, for example taking on more than is reasonable, and perhaps that is something to explore and determine how you would like to address thoruhg more therapeutic conversations.
If you decide to meet with me, you can let me know what direction you would like to take our sessions. Let me know if you would like to go forward. I am generally available Tuesday - Thursday as indicated with the booking link, however it is always important to double check via messaging as I do have other platforms that I work on, and my present situation encourages me to be less connected and more out in nature, so it is importnat that you have a confirmation from me of an appointment.

Michelle Collins2021-05-13 11:57 UTC

Hello! Do your sessions help with the problem of stress?

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