One-on-One Meditation

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If you’re having an overwhelming feeling of stress or anxiety, if you’re thoughts are loud and cluttered, or if you’re having trouble sleeping, then meditation is for you.
We use the breath and to anchor the mind and through traditional Tantra techniques and mantra, I will guide you into a deep meditative state, where you will come back to your true state of inner quiet and deep rest.

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Are your struggling with health issues, fatigue, stress or weight gain? If so, don’t worry my friend, I’m here to help.

Hi there! I’m Tara, wellness coach, yoga & meditation teacher. I use western nutrition, functional medicine, ayurveda & mindfulness, to help my clients overcome their health issues & live a vibrant life!

Want to take your health to a whole new level? Contact me today!

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Ann Burak
May 7, 2021

Hello! Do you do online meditation? Is this method of meditation effective?

John Persey
Apr 21, 2021

Can i fit if i have never meditate? is deep inner state for me?

Sherry Turnbull
Mar 26, 2021

Hello. Could you please tell me if meditation helps with depression? If so, how many sessions are needed? Thanks.

$40 USD
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