Nutritional Therapy and Iridology

$45 USD
$45 USD

Helping you to cleanse and detoxify your organs and body systems from acids, toxins and pesticides, and to start the process of cellular regeneration that leads to true healing.
I specialize in chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, chronic inflammation, lupus and other “autoimmune” symptoms. Free discovery call.

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As a life and emotional health coach, I have been teaching others how to remove emotional and subconscious blocks in all areas of their lives since 2007.
I also help people with Nutritional Therapy. As a certified regenerative detoxification specialist and iridologist I will help you to detoxify and regenerate your organs and body systems which often improves mental and emotional health as well.

12 years of practice
On Core Spirit since April 2021
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Corry Lang2021-09-10 19:14 UTC

The Nutritional Therapy (NT) consists of a thorough Health Assessment, an (optional) iridology reading and report, NT sessions and an herbal protocol.

Corry Lang2021-09-10 19:12 UTC

Hi Emma, yes. After a thorough health assessment and an (optional) iridology reading I will write you a Detoxification plan and herbal protocol.

Ann Burak2021-05-07 20:16 UTC

Hello! What does the therapy consist of?

Emma Stone2021-04-29 10:40 UTC

Hello! Will you be giving some kind of special individual nutrition plan at this consultation?

Karin2021-04-28 17:14 UTC

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

Corry Lang2021-04-28 16:20 UTC

That also depends a little. When people detoxify “too quickly” they sometimes experience a healing crisis - symptoms like skin purging, feeling crappy, nausea, headaches and flu-like symptoms. But those symptoms vary and don’t always occur. I believe in a “customized” approach - even slowing a detox down if it gets too heavy. During my own detoxification and healing process from lupus symptoms and the Epstein-Barr virus I experienced only some detox symptoms. But I was already feeling so ill that I embraced those as part of the detox. I noticed that I started to feel better quickly and was finally having more energy after years of chronic fatigue. So it’s definitely worth the temporary discomfort. Thank you for your great questions! :)

Veronica Kee2021-04-28 11:48 UTC

It does, thank you! :) I’ve heard that during detox it gets worse before it gets better. Like skin purging and just feeling crappy in general. Does that actually happen?

Corry Lang2021-04-26 17:01 UTC

Hi Veronica, it depends a little on your symptoms and how long you have been having health issues. There are acute, pre-chronic, chronic and degenerative stages in organ health and body systems. It doesn’t take very long to start feeling better (sometimes just a couple of days) but the deep detox might take a few months (in severe cases longer, especially if you take breaks in between). I hope that answers your question? :)

Veronica Kee2021-04-26 07:11 UTC

Hi! Do long does the whole detox process last on average?

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