Wellness Mentoring

mentorship session
$95 USD
$95 USD

This session focuses on aligning your mind, body and energy.

Together we’ll build a lifestyle plan tailored to your specific needs and goals while helping to relieve stress, increase energy, improve sleep quality, alleviate pain and feel more grounded.

Treatment modalities may include energy balancing using pressure points, mindful meditation, focused journaling, lifestyle modification, nutritional assessment & recommendations, essential oils, exercise and/or stretching techniques.

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Beth Theodore, L.Ac.2021-09-11 22:05 UTC

Hello, I just received this comment so apologize for my late response. Since you’re having such an extreme reaction each time you sleep I’d recommend first seeing your physician to rule out any underlying conditions. From there you can seek out natural treatments if appropriate.

April Chase2021-03-25 17:06 UTC

I haven’t been able to sleep properly for months… I’ve tried all the soothing teas and pills, but I still flinch at night, and even sometimes sleepwalking happens. Is it true that equalizing my energy and consciousness will help me sleep normally…? I hope for your answer, thank you in advance!

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