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Working with me allows you to explore not only your life’s desires but a deep healing from basic to very heavy symptomology. As a Classical Homeopath, Certified Holistic Heath Coach, Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Specialist I bring in tools that allow you create more easy and flow in your life. These tools and techniques free you up to be fully awesome and live more joyfully instead of weighed down by fatigue, physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

If you are interested in this work, reach out and let’s chat.

Here is what one of my client’s has to say about working with me.

What happened in between was so simple but so powerful! I have no intention of giving away Mary’s secrets in a facebook post but I’d like to publicly thank her for the work that she has put into “righting my ship”. I know she’ll humbly tell me that I did all of the hard work and she’s not wrong! I had to be in the right place to do the work. She’s not a miracle worker! But Mary has spent hours every week of the last 3 months sitting with me. (both literally and figuratively). Holding space with me. Listening to me. REALLY listening to me. Jumping up and down and excitedly cheering with me! Poking me for not keeping up with my homework…I couldn’t possibly think of a better coach.

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As a Life Coach and Energy Alchemist I draw from my background as a Classical Homeopath, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach to I deeply support ambitious burnt out women regain their energy, passion, and zest for life.

Stop overachieving, pushing, repressing your emotions and your symptoms. Learn how to allow, receive, “BE” to heal your body/mind get energized at a deeper level than ever before.

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Jody Mills
Apr 5, 2021

I’m constantly busy, and I really want to talk. There are a lot of thoughts in my head, I can’t handle them. Can you help me?”

$200 USD