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Individualised Meal Plans

$55 USD

Your own customised meal plan is geared to help you love your body, fall in love with high vibrational food, cook wholesome meals, eliminate emotional eating, stop dieting, boost your energy, balance your hormones and achieve your optimal weight.

The meal plan will be centred around what’s good for you on a cellular level. It will help you to see and consider food and the practice of eating as one of your self-care rituals where food functions as nourishment, not punishment.

You will receive your own, tailored meal plan based on your blood type and communicated health goals based on the following and more:

What is your current relationship with food?

In what ways would you like to transform your eating habits?

Are you willing to learn about the mind-gut connection?

What do you feel is holding you back?

Which foods are your weakness?

Which foods do you thoroughly enjoy?

Which foods do you loathe and prefer not to eat?

Have you noticed any patterns regarding your cravings and your emotional state?

Which foods do you absolutely love to eat, despite their effect on your gut health?

Are you looking to gain, lose or maintain your weight?

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Holisticali Me
May 9, 2021

Hi Sherry, absolutely, please contact me at and we can arrange a discovery call

Holisticali Me
May 9, 2021

Hi Ann, absolutely, please contact me at and we can arrange a discovery call

Ann Burak
May 7, 2021

Hello! Can you give a meal plan for me to gain weight while eating healthy foods?

Sherry Turnbull
May 7, 2021

Hello. Could you please tell me if your meal plan includes recipes? Cooking is something difficult for me, so it’s easier to rely on recipes. Thanks.

Holisticali Me - Trauma Informed Holistic Healing
May 6, 2021

Hi April, thank you for reaching out. Most people start seeeing results during the first session. Visit my website for more information on how to heal trauma and stop relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms

April Chase
May 4, 2021

I have noticed that during times of stress, I drink a lot of coffee and eat sweets, and I absolutely can not do without it… after how many of your sessions will I be able to get the first results and stop being emotionally dependent on these products?

$55 USD
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