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$1000 USD
$1000 USD

Psychedelics are powerful and show us parts of ourselves that we have hidden away. 90% of who we are is hidden in the subconscious, a place where psychedelics shine a light. Hypnosis simply brings us to a trance state of mind like a deep meditation, where you rewire your brain to recreate your core beliefs. No one can be hypnotized without wanting to be hypnotized.

This program combines the magic of microdosing psychedelics and hypnosis as a powerful method of rewiring your beliefs that are barriers to living a life full of love and healthy relationships. Most importantly, there is an integration process that follows. Psychedelic integration is the act of incorporating new insights, perspectives, and challenging lessons from a psychedelic experience. In other words, the process of weaving the practical with mystical.

Hypnodelic is 100% tailored to your personal healing journey. A customized hypnotic track is recored just for you by Citlalicue. This track is intended to be listened to on your own time for 21 consecutive days. Each track is around 20-30 minutes long.

Hypnodelic is a 2-part guided program: preparation/intention & diving-in. And takes place over the course of 7 weeks.

Session 1: Intention Setting & Substance Discussion. (1 hour)
Session 2: Hypnosis Intake. (1 hour)
Session 3: Tools for Grounding, Preparation, Resources. (1 hour)
Session 4: Ritual- sit with Citlalicue virtually for your first micro-dose ingestion. (30minutes)
(3 weeks of listening to the hypnotic track on your own)

In addition to meeting 1:1 a total of 4 times over video call, you will have access to Citlalicue on Voxter throughout the 7 weeks to ask any questions or discuss what has come up for you. It's like having a coach in your pocket!!

Psychedelic substances NOT included.

NOT for anyone with a family history or diagnosis of psychosis or SMI.
NOT recommended for anyone who is currently on psychotropic medication.
This is not a substitute for mental health services.

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