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April what is a heart wall?

I believe a Heart-Wall is an energetic wall around the heart made up of layers of negative trapped emotions. It may keep you from love, it may keep you triggered, it may keep you from hearing what people are truly telling you: it basically can potentially keep you from receiving information accurately. It is estimated that 93% of the population has a Heart-Wall. The average Heart-Wall takes 3 sessions to remove. People often sense that they have emotional issues, but don’t know how to get past them. The feelings that seem to be in their way are often due to their trapped emotions. They are usually amazed to find out that their emotional baggage often consists of specific energies that became trapped during emotional events they experienced in their past. They are even more amazed to see how easily these energies can be found and removed and by how different they feel when they are freed from them.

These sessions are done via email to completion.

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I am an intuitive mirror, wellness coach, teacher and practitioner of Holy Fire Reiki and Quantum-Touch 1. I assist clients around the world to tap into their own innate healing abilities to support their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Most clients feel better in 1 - 3 sessions.

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April Walker
Mar 31, 2021

Please let me know if I can answer anything else for you.

April Walker
Mar 31, 2021

Hello, thank you for reaching out. A heart wall session is Emotion Code. For other sessions we combine the tools that best work for the person and for what they are specifically wanting support for at the time.

Stormi Smith
Mar 31, 2021

Hi there! I was just wondering what methods would be used during a session? Is it coaching or reiki? Or both?:)

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