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Guided Virtual Meditation for Groups

$80 USD

With it being reported that approximately 25 million workdays are being lost for stress, depression, and anxiety in recent years, taking care of mental health in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. Research shows that meditation can lessen stress, anxiety, insomnia, among many other things. It can also enhance focus, creativity, and productivity.

We offer bespoke programmes for workplaces, offices, and work from home - including regular pre-work, post-work, or lunchtime sessions, corporate away days, and one-off meditation workshops.

Sessions can be upwards from 30 minutes in length depending on your preference.

Prices are £80 up to a group of 15 people per hour and £7 per additional person.

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Here at Meditation & Mindfulness, we offer virtual sessions to help live a more serene life. Our team of practitioners have a wealth of experience in different areas of meditation, which allows them to pass on the knowledge and skills needed to arrive in the present moment and deal with modern-day stressors.

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Hi Amelia. Yes, we can tailor our sessions to exactly what you need. We can have a phone call prior to the session and then our teacher will be able to craft something to your needs and experience of meditation.

Amelia Acosta
May 5, 2021

Hello! I have never tried meditations before. Will your session be helpful for me or I need some practice before that?

$80 USD
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