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Group Qi Gong Class

$12 USD

As you progress with these practices, you will learn how to:

Release overwhelming emotions and thoughts
Be present more
Learn how to ground and center
Dissolve old patterns and stop circling the drain
Truly love yourself
Open the chi flow and remove the blockages that cause stress and poor health
Gain more vitality and Energy

What is Qi Gong?
Qi means "life"; Gong means "skill". This is an energy science that has over 5000 years of experience and a proven track record of its self-healing abilities. Life is the very breath we breathe, the essence of living. Learn the skills your need to cultivate your life force for healing and betterment. External medicines help us to manage disease leaving us to merely survive. Qi gong helps us thrive and tap into our inner power. Recharge with nature's greatest medicine.

Qi gong is mindfulness in motion, similar to yoga stretching and Tai Chi movement. Qi gong and Tai chi have the same basic fundamentals, with Tai Chi having more of a basis in martial arts. Qi gong differs in that it is more accessible and is a medical system focused on building energy to prevent illness or heal ourselves.

Practices may help with deep inner healing, chronic pain and illness, stress reduction, anxiety, and depression.
The techniques I share will teach you to communicate with your body through breathwork, tapping, meditation, and powerful gentle movement. These sessions may include breathwork, sitting, standing, and moving meditations to improve health, increase energy, and aid the body's self-healing abilities.

Benefits Include: Stress Reduction, Elevated Mood, Sleep Quality, Activates Self Healing, Pain Relief, Boosts Immune System, Inner Peace, Relaxation, Better Health, Focus, and Clarity

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$12 USD
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