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$295 USD
$295 USD


The initial evaluation session is for adolescents and adults with attention span of 90 mins and aims to get to know each other and build trust and rapport.

The evaluation forms an initial diagnostic tool and the foundation of future coaching and therapy.

It may include a few of the assessments below as appropriate:

Readiness for coaching assessment
High performance and lifestyle assessment
Executive function assessment
Self-awareness, self-image and self-confidence assessment
Communication and social skills assessment
Determination of preferred learning style
Academic/educational assessment
Determination of values
Business assessment
Leadership assessment
Long-term, medium-term or short-term goal setting

No preparation is needed for this session. Coaching and therapy starts after the evaluation session.

As part of your preferred coaching and therapy engagement, I regularly deliver the above assessments to create tailor-made coaching and measure your or your child's progress before, during and after.

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I Anna, a coach, mentor and psychologist.
I coach children, adolescents and adults with ADHD to maximise confidence, happiness and performance.
I was frustrated with watching neuro-divergent people feeling unseen and unheard of, missing important opportunities in life and having executive challenges myself I wanted to mentor them.
I am well known for my unique ability to transform lives through holistic and neuroscience-based coaching specifically designed for neuro-diverse people.
I started 20 years ago in my hometown, Athens, Greece, with one student, and then I moved to London, where my coaching hours exceeded 10.000, where I worked with more than 1000 students in more than 10 countries to date.
In 2023 I was awarded the Best Diversity and Inclusion Training and Best Business Development of the Year by the UK Business Awards and in 2021 I was selected at the 500 Global Brainz awards as one of the top leaders recognised for their success, achievements and dedication to helping others.
I am currently writing a book on how to manage ADHD and lead with your superpowers, where I go through how you can unlock confidence and inner resources, organisation and productivity and tap into a flow state for high performance.
My aim is to impact neuro-distinct people in every continent so that they can go ahead and lead happier and more fulfilling lives with more mindfulness, confidence, and intention.
And as a result of this work, I want to see a world with reduced inequalities, good mental health and world-class coaching for everyone, irrespective of geographical location, cultural background or diagnosis.

20 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2023

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