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Executive Coaching
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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching
Anna Daphna
May 21, 2024, 10:00


The initial evaluation session is for adolescents and adults with attention span of 90 mins and aims to get to know each other and build trust and rapport.

The evaluation forms an initial diagnostic tool and the foundation of future coaching and therapy.

It may include a few of the assessments below as appropriate:

Readiness for coaching assessment
High performance and lifestyle assessment
Executive function assessment
Self-awareness, self-image and self-confidence assessment
Communication and social skills assessment
Determination of preferred learning style
Academic/educational assessment
Determination of values
Business assessment
Leadership assessment
Long-term, medium-term or short-term goal setting

No preparation is needed for this session. Coaching and therapy starts after the evaluation session.

As part of your preferred coaching and therapy engagement, I regularly deliver the above assessments to create tailor-made coaching and measure your or your child's progress before, during and after.

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Executive Coaching
May 21, 2024, 06:00
Nairobi, Kenya
I will couch you on any market research and presentation

Hey there, thanks for checking my profile:

Are you in need of high-quality web research or market research? Great you are now at the best shopping place!

Market research involves the process of gathering important and useful data relating to the demand for a certain product, its market trends, customers, and competitors.

I will be very pleased when helping you out in finding any information you need on the market.

Here, I will assist you with the following:

  1. Industry growth, statistics, demographics
  2. Product researching
  3. Market researching
  4. Business analysis research
  5. Data collection and processing
  6. Competition Analysis
  7. Market reporting
  8. Industry trends and Marketing planning
  9. Sales forecast
  10. Business plans
  11. SWOT analysis
  12. Web-based research

T&C applies.

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Executive Coaching
Nina Maglic
May 20, 2024, 22:00
Reclaim Your Power

Are you tiered of giving your power away over and over again?

Let me help you become a happier and more confident version of you! It is time to reclaim your power!

I can help you in the areas:

✔️ self-confidence,

✔️ reclaim your power,

✔️ discover unconditional love within you,

✔️ relationships,

✔️ money issues,

✔️ overall well-being.

✔️ overcame anxiety and depression.

During the session, we will:

✔️ explore the root of your problems on the energetic level,

✔️ release energy patterns that you repeat over and over again,

✔️ help you break free from your blocks and patterns,

✔️ get confidence,

✔️ reclaim your power,

✔️ reconnect with your soul and find your purpose,

✔️ open gateways for new awesome things to come,

✔️ manifest abundance, happy healthy relationships.

✔️ get clarity what your next steps are,

✔️ and much more…

The best investment you can ever do, is the investment in yourself and your dreams to become a better and happier version of you. Life is meant to be full of excitement and happiness. Take action today towards your life. You deserve it.

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