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Connection Journey (Recorded Audio)

Audio to connect you with your inner guide for answers that you can reuse for different matters.

►Find clarity, move past inner obstacles, and achive the next level you.

►In this guided session, you will be approaching the inner blocks that limit you from your highest potential self, and find resolution. ►I will guide you through a journey within your inner realm with the help of subconscious visual language.

►This session is a way to intertwine the internal work that is required to accompany the external work you are already doing to climb to the next level you.

►You will find your source of guidance within, activate your connection with your own power, safely uncover the cause of your inner conflicts, and bring resolution to these problems on the level they need it.

►You can discover and transform past decisions, even ancestral ones, that limit your flow on certain areas of your life.

  • Relationship / financial / success blocks►
  • Procrastination due to perfectionism►
  • Repeating negative patterns►
  • Fear to step into your power►
  • Quarrels with the system of the world►
  • Finding and living your purpose►
  • Or any matter you want resolution with.►

►Find access to your own authentic answers for your unique situation. Contact me to set the time, decide on your topic, then relax and enjoy!

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I help you in mastering yourself + integrating emotions + transform your subconscious patterns, so you can create your most fulfilling, joyful life with compassion and ease. I'm a certified Transformative Breathwork Facilitator & Subconscious Mind Coach, and also a curious life traveler. I use tools of many mind-body-soul practices from science-based to metaphysical to fit your needs the best.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since September 2021

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