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Personalized Journey (Live)

Diving into your subconscious realm where we transform a topic you choose and get you your answers

►Find clarity, move past inner obstacles, and achive the next level you.

►In this guided session, you will be approaching the inner blocks that limit you from your highest potential self, and find resolution. ►I will guide you through a journey within your inner realm with the help of subconscious visual language.

►This session is a way to intertwine the internal work that is required to accompany the external work you are already doing to climb to the next level you.

►You will find your source of guidance within, ►activate your connection with your own power, safely uncover the cause of your inner conflicts, and bring resolution to these problems on the level they need it.

►You can discover and transform past decisions, even ancestral ones, that limit your flow on certain areas of your life.

  • Relationship / financial / success blocks►
  • Procrastination due to perfectionism►
  • Repeating negative patterns►
  • Fear to step into your power►
  • Quarrels with the system of the world►
  • Finding and living your purpose►
  • Or any matter you want resolution with.►

►Find access to your own authentic answers for your unique situation. Contact me to set the time, decide on your topic, then relax and enjoy!

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I help you in mastering yourself + integrating emotions + transform your subconscious patterns, so you can create your most fulfilling, joyful life with compassion and ease. I'm a certified Transformative Breathwork Facilitator & Subconscious Mind Coach, and also a curious life traveler. I use tools of many mind-body-soul practices from science-based to metaphysical to fit your needs the best.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since September 2021

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