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Resolving your subconscious blockages about money, relationships, and success

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We'll dive into your chosen topic and transform the internal blocks around that.

How would your life look like if you didn't have those hidden beliefs that say "I can't get that kind of thing. ►Only ….. type of people can get that and I'm not one"?

►You can do all you want externally, but if you're not aligned to that internally, you CAN'T get there. ►Your subconscious beliefs will work on the opposite direction, causing you to self-sabotage, or have the law of attraction work "against you".

  • Relationships and dating issues►
  • Navigating your career or business►
  • Finding and living your purpose►
  • See your life shift in the ways you want it to►
  • Heal past learnings and emotional trauma►

►In these sessions we don't just find the root cause of problems and patterns, but also shift begins on the spot. It is very possible to change the forgotten decisions that are preventing you from living a life you love. Even the ones that were passed on from lineage. Let me help you with what I'm great at, to achieve what you're great at.

►If you're ready to step into your most authentic powers and start creating the things you've been waiting to create, I'm looking forward to being your coach and companion on it! Write me about your problem and let's start working on it together.

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I help you in mastering yourself + integrating emotions + transform your subconscious patterns, so you can create your most fulfilling, joyful life with compassion and ease. I'm a certified Transformative Breathwork Facilitator & Subconscious Mind Coach, and also a curious life traveler. I use tools of many mind-body-soul practices from science-based to metaphysical to fit your needs the best.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since September 2021

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