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EFT - tapping around the resiliency keys (see benefits below), releasing stuck emotions, unblock stagnant chi & get the energy flowing again. Release old patterns & traumas that hold you back from living the life you truly deserve.

Target audience

Those that feel they’ve lost their sparkle in life


Confidence, wholeness, empowerment, vitality, self worth, self trust, authenticity, courage, emotional wisdom, decisiveness, authenticity. Feeling of well-being & a new found trust in life.


During a session I will ask you a series of questions of what you are struggling with.
We then begin to tap around the issue at hand to release the stuck emotions surrounding the issue.

Other comments

we will try to get to the root cause in one session but sometimes these are deep rooted and will require more than one session11

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Hi - I am an astrology life path reader, a quantum
Human design & quantum alignment using EFT level 1 specialist. I’m also certified in Dharma spiritual life coaching & make my own plant powered skincare.

I’ve been there, lost, confused, what should I do next , what experiences can bring me meaning & joy, why do I have this feeling of inadequacy, that I’m not good enough, that I don’t know enough - eurgh ! The list goes on !

I’ve made it my mission in life the last 5 years to learn all I can to love myself more, trust myself more & realise my own self worth & power. Now I’m in a position to help you find yourself too.

Empower yourself to be yourself.

I can help with the following things
Gain more more clarity & vitality in your life.
Life alignment with who you truly so you can avoid
Help you to realise your own self worth & value that you bring to the world.
Help you to overcome the fear of playing it small, feeling inadequate & not good enough.
Guidance for specific aspects of your life including relationships, health and well-being.

Get to own your self power & never be afraid again. Live a life with meaning & fulfilment.

1 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021


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$44 USD
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