Ayurveda Health Coaching Session

$130 USD
$130 USD

The Ayurvedic Consultation consists in a 60 minute session that will allow time to discuss your current diet and imbalances and the possible changes you are willing to make. We will also discover a blended herbal formula, teas and other supplements that you may need for your current health concerns.
You will also receive tips for common spices to introduce in your daily meals and you will learn how to make simple changes to adjust imbalances that might arise in your body from day to day.

As with all consultations, this also includes continuous open communication with the counselor for any questions that may arise.

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Sara Garofalo is an Ayurveda Health and Life Coach and Whole Living expert teaching women around the world how to lose weight permanently and stop dieting so they become the healthiest version of themselves.
Thankful to her Italian upbringing, Sara carries the knowledge and taste of the original Italian cuisine, while her knowledge in Ayurveda brings a holistic approach to her clients

On Core Spirit since May 2020
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Sara Garofalo2021-09-14 21:18 UTC

Hi Lisa!
I would love to connect more with you about the possibilities you and I work together. I do make up menus but not in this session.

Feel free to book a discovery call with me here to discuss your plan further

Lisa Baker2021-04-23 20:42 UTC

Hey. Did I understand correctly what you won’t make up a menu itself?

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