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The Nodes and their axis are a very important part of any Birth Chart, therefore understanding this will be very useful to you. The Nodes give a vital clue to the core message of the chart and a person’s purpose. They represent your past, in ways of your innate abilities, strengths, and challenges; and your future growth and potential.

In a Nodal reading, we will be looking into your South Node, exploring your innate characteristic, how you may be stuck in your comfort zone, and how this may be holding you back. Your North Node points to the future, in what you need to develop and what will bring greater balance to your life.

From this reading, you will gain an understanding of your growth potential and purpose. It will help in guiding you to the right path toward success and fulfillment.

For a reading, I will contact you for your Birth details: date, place, and time of your birth.

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IHello I’m Lucinda Tinsley and I hope to add value to Core Spirit by sharing my knowledge of astrology.

I have a diploma in Astrological Psychology Association, (APA) Doing something you love, and helping someone to understand their chart is very rewarding. Astrology is perfect for Self-awareness, understanding your challenges, and developing your potential.

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On Core Spirit since January 2021

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Linda Tinsley
Apr 9, 2021

I do go deeply into your Nodes, which will give you more awareness and insights toward your purpose and growth potential. You will gain a lot of information from one session for you to work with. You can always book more session if you wish. Love and Light Lucinda

Marc Bowden
Apr 9, 2021

Hello. Could you please tell me, do I need several sessions to make progress, or is one enough?

$97 USD
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$97 USD