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An Eventful Year Ahead for Aquarians

Jan 19, 2021
Linda Tinsley
Core Spirit member since Jan 19, 2021
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The Sun enters Aquarius on Wednesday, which will add more emphasis to the water bearer. Jupiter and Saturn went into this sign in December last year. Jupiter speeds through the sign and like the God Zeus may leave seeds of expansion, enthusiasm and optimism. There is an impulse with Jupiter to get on with it, to make progress toward your goals. Jupiter moves slightly into Pisces in May until July, where it turns retrograde connecting again with planets of 20 to 22 degrees of Aquarius. So look out if you have these degrees!

Typical of Saturn to takes its time as it moves from 1 to 13 degrees all year. If you have planets at these degrees in Aquarius, then a serious attitude, a reality check, or a sense of restriction will be placed on that energy. Jupiter could be saying, “get moving, take action”, Saturn reminds you to do things right, and don’t cut corners. Saturn could also be sorting out the mess that Jupiter has left behind. Jupiter in Aquarius has a sense of freedom where you can believe anything is possible, Saturn asks you to be realistic and responsible.

The Sun shines light on the water bearer and being an Air sign it has a mental approach to life. The fixity of the sign comes from needing to know, having all the facts right. Knowledge is security for them and they do want to use it to improve their lives and those of others. Aquarius is the incoming sign of our age and learning to use the mind and developing the right mindset, a more enlightened mind, is one of the objects of the Aquarian Age.

Mercury is never too far from the Sun and Venus moves through this sign in February. This gives all Aquarians a lot of positive energy, and if you see Saturn as a drudge, then remember it represents your sense of self-protection, discipline and responsibility. It will help to build a structure to all your Aquarian ideas, ideals, and dreams.

If you have no planets in this sign, look to see which house it occupies. This area of life could be a hive of activity, especially in the early months of this year.

Many Happy Returns to you Aquarians, it looks like you’re going to have an eventful year!!!

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Jess Rogers3y ago

Can you do the same about Aries?