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Linda Tinsley

Lucinda Tinsley has been studying astrology for over 30 years and has a diploma in astrological psychology. She uses the birth chart to help you understand your life, its meaning and purpose. She can also give a greater perceptive on your current situation and personal-development. Lucinda is very much an evolutionary astrologer and looks into your karmic issues that are still affecting your life today.
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About Linda Tinsley

Lucinda Tinsley has been studying astrology for over 30 years and has a diploma in astrological psychology. She uses the birth chart to help you understand your life, its meaning and purpose. She can also give a greater perceptive on your current situation and personal-development. Lucinda is very much an evolutionary astrologer and looks into your karmic issues that are still affecting your life today.

17 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021
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Natal Astrology
Linda Tinsley
A Nodal Reading

The Nodes and their axis are a very important part of any Birth Chart, therefore understanding this will be very useful to you. The Nodes give a vital clue to the core message of the chart and a person’s purpose. They represent your past, in ways of your innate abilities, strengths, and challenges; and your future growth and potential.

In a Nodal reading, we will be looking into your South Node, exploring your innate characteristic, how you may be stuck in your comfort zone, and how this may be holding you back. Your North Node points to the future, in what you need to develop and what will bring greater balance to your life.

From this reading, you will gain an understanding of your growth potential and purpose. It will help in guiding you to the right path toward success and fulfillment.

For a reading, I will contact you for your Birth details: date, place, and time of your birth.

Natal Astrology
Linda Tinsley
Thinking Of Having A Birth Chart Reading?

My approach to astrology, which is combined with psychology This combination is great for self-development, personal growth, and the fulfillment of potential. Although this is the foundation I work from with chart readings, I also recognize the importance of practical information that is useful to you.
Although my aim is to help you understand your Birth Chart, so that you can realize your purpose and fulfill your potential, it is equally important, if not more so, to focus on where you are now!
What troubles and concerns you Now! A reading sheds more light on the circumstances, giving you more insight into what is going on for you. Understanding this will help in making any decisions or changes to your life.

If you would like a reading, I will contact you for your birth details; date, place, and time of birth.

Linda Tinsley
Self-Awareness: The Key In Discovering Your Own Power and Purpose

Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

In that regard most of us are on auto-pilot. We simply haven’t realized that we can take the controls

Carl G Jung

The truth of this quote can only be realised from a level of Self-Awareness. When we begin to see how our unconscious programing is actually controlling our life, you will begin on a new journey of conscious adjustment and change. In other words Self-Awareness is power; power of consciousness of who you are and how your life actually operates.

The sub-consciousness and the paradigms that dwell there are like scripts that we operate from. These have been established from past lives or family inheritance, together with further childhood and environmental conditioning. Many of these contain good qualities, which from the light of Self-awareness can be employed more productively. Awareness on those that cause problems or prevent growth and potential can be beneficial.

Many of our decisions and mistakes in life are made through ignorance or naivety, and Self-awareness come from the lessons we learn. Life in its own way teaches, but many of us go through the hard knocks road. Self-awareness can also come through maturity. Does it need to be so hard or take so long? In time past maybe, but we are living in more enlighten times where Mindfulness and Self-Awareness is very much of our Aquarian Age. I guess you know I’m going to bring in the Birth Chart, this being the greatest, yes the Greatest tool for Self-Awareness.

Here you have a blueprint map of your life that shows both your challenges and potential. Your inner energy patterns will point out your conflicts, strengths and weakness with which you can begin to consciously work. If you see your chart as your Souls intent for your growth and purpose, you will align yourself with it, because at this level it will feel right for you. Although life will still have its challenges, going through something consciously will take the sting out of its tail. More than this, however you will understand the reason; the lesson or the healing it will bring about.

Although undoubtedly your Birth Chart is the greatest tool for Self-Awareness, understanding your chart also connects you back to your Soul, your power and Purpose. Knowing and understanding your chart is one of the gifts of the Aquarian Age.

Linda Tinsley
Astrology Wakes You Up!

Astrology can be useful on many levels and at different times of life, but it is a great asset when you are beginning to ‘WAKE UP. By this I mean when you are beginning to reflect on your life, becoming curious, and looking for deeper meaning. It could be the problems and changes you’re going through or inner restlessness and dissatisfaction can be the nudge that begins the process of inner inquiry.

The birth chart shows the energy patterns from which you operate. Before we Wake Up we use these sub-consciously. These inner programs are learned behavior patterns. Our early conditioning forms a Self-Image, which controls our behavior and creates our life.

Astrology helps by making you aware of your inner patterns, and this is the first step toward change and control. The challenges and difficulties in your life can force you to move out of your comfort zone. Transits come along and can cause radical change, which is always necessary for your growth and development. Although you often do not see or appreciate it at the time, understanding their intent helps in working with the energy in creating the best possible outcome.

Waking up is really becoming aware of who you are at a more profound level. It’s tapping into and aligning yourself with your true source and power. This is a process we all go through when we are ready. We all meet this in our own unique way. Astrology highlights this, helping you to understand and work through it.

Linda Tinsley
The Value Of Astrology And Knowing Your Birth Chart

First, let’s get a good understanding of what the birth chart represents. I see it as the blueprint of your life that shows both your challenges and the seeds of your potential. When I began to study astrology along with my birth chart, I remember thinking; gosh, there is a great intelligence behind all of this. In defining what this intelligence is, here are the thoughts of some great astrologers………….

Howard Sasportas: The Core Self in the Birth Chart

One way I find meaning in life is through the belief that we all have a deeper self or a Core Self that guides, unfolds and regulates our growth and development. Just as an apple seed ‘knows’ that it is meant to grow into an apple and not a pear, there is part of us that ‘knows’ what we are meant to become and the path we need to follow to get there. Concepts such as individuation, self-realization and self-fulfilment describe the process of what we are meant to become.

Robert Hand puts it like this:

It is my belief which I cannot prove, that within each of us is a creative core that actively creates the universe, either by making up each part out of nothing or by agreeing in advance, prior to our physical incarnation, to play a certain game with certain rules. In this scheme, your horoscope is a symbol of your intentions, not a record of what is going to happen to you. As astrologer Zipporah Dobyns likes to say, character is destiny.

Liz Green: there is a deeper Self-guiding to our development. I make no pretense of knowing what ‘it’ is but I am unashamedly prepared to call it fate.

Whatever this intelligence is, be it your higher Self, core Self, Soul, or the source that runs and creates the universe. One of the main things that astrology does, it connects you to it! The birth chart reveals the nature of our seed and is a map or guide suggesting what our deeper core self has in mind for us.

Can we mess things up? We can and do. Our personality and the little will try to steer the ship with its own desires. However, knowing your birth chart can get you back on course. Understanding your challenges helps in dealing with them and awareness of your potential aids their development.


Everything is energy and we are all part of the evolutionary process. Transits to your chart are the way to move you forward, making you grow and evolve. By understanding the core messages in your chart, you can glimpse the significance of what each transit is trying to bring about.

For some, astrology becomes a search for meaning, for others to understand their role and life. Its value lies in its ability to connect you back to your true self and your uniqueness and sense of power.

Linda Tinsley
An Eventful Year Ahead for Aquarians

The Sun enters Aquarius on Wednesday, which will add more emphasis to the water bearer. Jupiter and Saturn went into this sign in December last year. Jupiter speeds through the sign and like the God Zeus may leave seeds of expansion, enthusiasm and optimism. There is an impulse with Jupiter to get on with it, to make progress toward your goals. Jupiter moves slightly into Pisces in May until July, where it turns retrograde connecting again with planets of 20 to 22 degrees of Aquarius. So look out if you have these degrees!

Typical of Saturn to takes its time as it moves from 1 to 13 degrees all year. If you have planets at these degrees in Aquarius, then a serious attitude, a reality check, or a sense of restriction will be placed on that energy. Jupiter could be saying, “get moving, take action”, Saturn reminds you to do things right, and don’t cut corners. Saturn could also be sorting out the mess that Jupiter has left behind. Jupiter in Aquarius has a sense of freedom where you can believe anything is possible, Saturn asks you to be realistic and responsible.

The Sun shines light on the water bearer and being an Air sign it has a mental approach to life. The fixity of the sign comes from needing to know, having all the facts right. Knowledge is security for them and they do want to use it to improve their lives and those of others. Aquarius is the incoming sign of our age and learning to use the mind and developing the right mindset, a more enlightened mind, is one of the objects of the Aquarian Age.

Mercury is never too far from the Sun and Venus moves through this sign in February. This gives all Aquarians a lot of positive energy, and if you see Saturn as a drudge, then remember it represents your sense of self-protection, discipline and responsibility. It will help to build a structure to all your Aquarian ideas, ideals, and dreams.

If you have no planets in this sign, look to see which house it occupies. This area of life could be a hive of activity, especially in the early months of this year.

Many Happy Returns to you Aquarians, it looks like you’re going to have an eventful year!!!

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Natal Astrology
Linda Tinsley
A Nodal Reading
Natal Astrology
Linda Tinsley
Thinking Of Having A Birth Chart Reading?

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