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Self-Awareness: The Key In Discovering Your Own Power and Purpose

Jun 1, 2021
Linda Tinsley
Core Spirit member since Jan 19, 2021
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Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

In that regard most of us are on auto-pilot. We simply haven’t realized that we can take the controls

Carl G Jung

The truth of this quote can only be realised from a level of Self-Awareness. When we begin to see how our unconscious programing is actually controlling our life, you will begin on a new journey of conscious adjustment and change. In other words Self-Awareness is power; power of consciousness of who you are and how your life actually operates.

The sub-consciousness and the paradigms that dwell there are like scripts that we operate from. These have been established from past lives or family inheritance, together with further childhood and environmental conditioning. Many of these contain good qualities, which from the light of Self-awareness can be employed more productively. Awareness on those that cause problems or prevent growth and potential can be beneficial.

Many of our decisions and mistakes in life are made through ignorance or naivety, and Self-awareness come from the lessons we learn. Life in its own way teaches, but many of us go through the hard knocks road. Self-awareness can also come through maturity. Does it need to be so hard or take so long? In time past maybe, but we are living in more enlighten times where Mindfulness and Self-Awareness is very much of our Aquarian Age. I guess you know I’m going to bring in the Birth Chart, this being the greatest, yes the Greatest tool for Self-Awareness.

Here you have a blueprint map of your life that shows both your challenges and potential. Your inner energy patterns will point out your conflicts, strengths and weakness with which you can begin to consciously work. If you see your chart as your Souls intent for your growth and purpose, you will align yourself with it, because at this level it will feel right for you. Although life will still have its challenges, going through something consciously will take the sting out of its tail. More than this, however you will understand the reason; the lesson or the healing it will bring about.

Although undoubtedly your Birth Chart is the greatest tool for Self-Awareness, understanding your chart also connects you back to your Soul, your power and Purpose. Knowing and understanding your chart is one of the gifts of the Aquarian Age.

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Emma Gardner3y ago

Thank you so much for this article! It’s really helpful. I really believe that the birth chart is the key to knowing yourself, but how to learn to understand and translate it more accurately? How likely is it to break the connection and understanding of your soul and strength due to misinterpretation of the Birth Chart?