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Astrology Wakes You Up!
Apr 7, 2021

Reading time 5 min.

Astrology can be useful on many levels and at different times of life, but it is a great asset when you are beginning to ‘WAKE UP. By this I mean when you are beginning to reflect on your life, becoming curious, and looking for deeper meaning. It could be the problems and changes you’re going through or inner restlessness and dissatisfaction can be the nudge that begins the process of inner inquiry.

The birth chart shows the energy patterns from which you operate. Before we Wake Up we use these sub-consciously. These inner programs are learned behavior patterns. Our early conditioning forms a Self-Image, which controls our behavior and creates our life.

Astrology helps by making you aware of your inner patterns, and this is the first step toward change and control. The challenges and difficulties in your life can force you to move out of your comfort zone. Transits come along and can cause radical change, which is always necessary for your growth and development. Although you often do not see or appreciate it at the time, understanding their intent helps in working with the energy in creating the best possible outcome.

Waking up is really becoming aware of who you are at a more profound level. It’s tapping into and aligning yourself with your true source and power. This is a process we all go through when we are ready. We all meet this in our own unique way. Astrology highlights this, helping you to understand and work through it.

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