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60' Breathwork Session

healing session
$40 USD
$40 USD

Would you like to experience inner peace and lasting joy? Do you want to step into a life that truly reflects your hopes and dreams? Are you looking to attract uplifting relationships and meaningful work? Or to heal old trauma and experience a life filled with purpose and bliss? Then I've absolutley got you covered.

I'm Dini Martinez and have been living, studying and teaching the power of breath, through yogic and tantric as well as scientific and more modern teachings for over two decades. Having observed magical transformation in thousands of clients, from prisoners and refugees, over tired mums, exhausted dads, successful corporates, other holistic practitioners and many more, helping you be the best version of yourself is what I lift for. Why? As peace inside creates peace in the world. That's what I firmly believe in and that's what we need more than ever.

In our full one hour breathwork session we won't just talk, but dive straight into the practice. Whether you come in with a specific ailment - physical, mental or emotional - that you are ready to let go of, or whether you want to boost your energy levels, experience orgasm through breath or have simply got a curiosity to experience the shifts that can happen on all levels with and through this simple yet powerful practice - you are welcome.

What to Expect

During a breath work session you might drop into a deep state of meditative calm; your body might start cramping or trembling as stuck emotions release; you might go into a shamanic transe state connecting to clarity and insight, at times not only in this life and moment, but also into past and future lives; or you might drop into orgasmic states of bliss. Or your own reaction, or all or none of the above. Tears and laughter and anything between is all welcome. All is valid.

We can only flow through life as gracefully as we allow breath to flow through us!

All you need is some earphones and a device to connect with me. Camera is a great addition but totally optional. We can record the session as well so you can come back to it if or when you feel like it. No prerequisits other than a willingness to work on yourself on all level and openness to transform to levels of well-being, peace, joy and bliss that you might not have experienced before.

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Bocas del Toro Province, Panama

Having lived, studied & taught yoga for 20 years, Dini’s global teacher trainings & retreats evolve around her unique style of Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga, built on strong Iyengar, Ashtanga & Ayurveda traditions. Her tantric breathwork & meditations have brought healing, peace & joy to thousands, including refugees, prisoners, corporates, families & holistic practitioners.

On Core Spirit since April 2022

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