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Christina2022-06-28 12:23 UTCin global channel

3 Easy Steps to improve communication in relationships!


This stage involves preparing your mindset during the communication process. The steps in the preparation process are

Stop - In this step, take a moment to stop judgment and reaction. You can use any kind of reminder that will help you to stop before you say anything out.

Pause - Pause for a moment by imagining you are stepping back one step using breathing or counting exercise.


In this stage, imagine you are wearing your thinking hat and ask questions to yourself using the below questions

Who am I talking to?

What is the final outcome that I am looking for from this conversation?

Where am I talking?

Is this the best time for me to talk?

Why do I think I need to talk? Will it help the final outcome?


In the execution stage, use the answers from planning to craft a message that is intended to be communicated in the most suitable manner towards the other party/parties involved in the communication process.

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Bethany Thomas2022-06-28 12:52 UTC

Amazing, thank you!

Jonathan Tayron2022-06-28 12:55 UTC

Thanks, this is a really helpful article!

Alexis Suarez2022-06-29 11:07 UTC

My girlfriend and I try to follow this pattern. It really works!!!