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Body Image Masterclass

$47 USD
$47 USD

Body Image Masterclass + Workbook. 75-minute webinar that you can move through at your own pace with accompanying workbook for deeper diving into concepts presented in webinar. This mini-course introduces the layers of body image insecurity that distract us from living a more fulfilled life.

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Morristown, NJ 07960, USA

I am a binge eating and body image recovery coach working with women to heal their relationship with food and body. I offer 1:1 private coaching, group coaching, and self-paced programs as well as free daily content on social media (over 20k followers on Instagram). I host a podcast called Life After Diets with co-host and psychotherapist Sarah Dosanjh. IIN certified Health Coach.

On Core Spirit since July 2021

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This is about how we view ourselves but also how to work towards body neutrality (the idea that our appearance is not as important as we assume it is)

Kris Osum3y ago

Hello! Please tell me, is this session not related to the perception of your figure?

Career Coaching
Stefanie Michele
Jun 27, 2024, 13:00
Body Image Masterclass

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