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Hi Jody, thank you for reaching out. I think a coaching session would be beneficial. It’s always good to be aligned with any action we intend - in your case going to the gym and feel good about it, so that there is an inner harmony and the action can bring the desired outcome. So many people are not aware of inner conflict, act anyway and are then puzzled why the action was not pleasant or didn’t bring the result they were looking for. But you are already aware of your inner conflict - on one hand wanting to go to the gym but on the other hand feeling insecure. So I think that’s a great start - your awareness. My work as a coach would be helping you to align with your intention - feeling good about going to the gym. This is also connected to the themes of self-love and self-worth, which we would probably explore too. I work intuitively and learnt to trust that whatever comes up in the session is perfect for the client in that moment. I hope this was helpful? Jana

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