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The importance of Emotional Expression in Chronic Health Issues

Jan 22, 2021
Arjan Bogaers
Core Spirit member since Jan 20, 2021
Reading time 2 min.

A chronic health condition and its associated symptoms and resulting losses inevitably lead to profound and fundamental emotional experiences. Loss of function, of independence, self-image, personal and professional roles, and loss of what was once expected of a future, just to name a few, have severe emotional consequences.

Especially when the daily burden of a disease is exacerbated by chronic pain, as is the case with migraines, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and neurological ailments, the person experiences what is known as emotional overwhelm in grief, anxiety, depression, anger despair and loneliness.

For reasons that are too numerous to elaborate on in the context of this brief article, chronic disease sufferers have little opportunities to express their emotional experiences in current clinical settings. Especially in this time, when real-time, face-to-face consultations are subject to restrictions, the needs for emotional expression are insufficiently provided for.

This, while it has been well researched and documented that people who are able, with appropriate support, to establish and maintain a good level of emotional well-being, are highly motivated and committed to on-going positive coping methods, effective self-management and adherence to medication, lifestyle and self-compassion regimen, with significant benefits to their physical well-being.

There is a currently a need for good-quality, accessible and affordable emotional support by means of user-friendly, online options, such as telephonic / video / email counselling, therapeutic practices such as facilitated therapeutic writing, and a range of facilitated (as opposed to self-help ! ) emotional wellness and resilience programs.

In the aim to accommodate the needs and limitations experienced by people living with a chronic health condition, Heart and Soul Coaching offers convenient and immediately accessible email coaching. Professionally-accredited and fully-facilitated, in-depth coaching programs, confidential email consultations or facilitated therapeutic writing and/or creative exercises are just some ways in which you can enjoy sensitive and compassionate guided assistance in the emotional distresses you might experience as the result of your changed life.

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