Creating Well-being whilst Being Unwell

$120 USD
$120 USD

An in-depth, transformative online course

What are your options when a chronic illness, pain and/or disability have all but eliminated your previous work, function, recreation, income and so much more?

This course will support you when you are in dire need of renewed motivation and discovering alternative avenues of creativity, self-esteem, work and future direction.

Among many other things, you will learn:
• What real self-validation is
• The many ways in which your specific condition impacts on your life
• The wide range of work and employment options that can still be your
share and provide you with income
• The importance of and means to emotional expression
• To re-invent your creative self
• To set and achieve goals in the context of your circumstances
• To recognize and access the life of the soul

Length: 10 Modules
**Duration: ** 10 Weeks
Purchase Fee: $ US 120 *****
Category: Transformative online course

pdf documents - audio recordings - worksheets

***** please note that this is a once-off payment – there will be no additional charges

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Through my online practice Heart and Soul Coaching I have been assisting people in living a life of renewed quality and purpose within the context of a chronic illness, chronic pain and/or disability since 2011. The email format of the fully facilitated programs and courses makes this service accessible and affordable to those who need it most.

12 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021

Spiritual Healing
Illness – Past, Present and Future
Jan 30 2021

When, in our search for insights to support us in the challenge of living with a chronic health condition, we consider possible spiritual views, we soon encounter the concept of karma.

Now, karma is a multi-layered and complex cosmic dynamic, and in our …

Arjan Bogaers
Spiritual Healing
This Strange Land - a Reluctant Pilgrimage
Jan 30 2021

Usually we equate ‘healing’ with ‘cure’ or with eliminating the disease. This can, however, be cause for great anxiety, pressure and feelings of failure when such ‘healing’ does not take place. In the case of many chronic diseases and in the case of di…

Arjan Bogaers
Career Coaching
Chronic Disease vs Chronic Illness
Jan 30 2021

Chronic Disease vs. Chronic Illness

The professional support offered by Heart and Soul Coaching recognizes and adheres to the distinction between the concepts ‘chronic disease’ and ‘chronic illness’.

Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease refers to the patho…

Arjan Bogaers
Career Coaching
My Life Purpose
Jan 26 2021

When the question of and search for the concept of a life purpose or meaning of life first appeared in human consciousness, answers were found mostly in the religious sphere. This implied that there was a divine design to creation, and that the human bein…

Arjan Bogaers
Illness or Health / Illness and Health ?
Jan 24 2021

Many of us are familiar with the definition of health as it is proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO): “The complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Naturally, we need to understand th…

Arjan Bogaers
Career Coaching
The Role of Coaching in Chronic Illness and Disability
Jan 23 2021

The professional support offered by Heart and Soul Coaching recognizes and adheres to the distinction between the concepts ‘chronic disease’ and ‘chronic illness’.

Chronic Disease refers to the pathology of the condition, based on the biomedical disease …

Arjan Bogaers
Career Coaching
The importance of Emotional Expression in Chronic Health Issues
Jan 22 2021

A chronic health condition and its associated symptoms and resulting losses inevitably lead to profound and fundamental emotional experiences. Loss of function, of independence, self-image, personal and professional roles, and loss of what was once expect…

Arjan Bogaers
The importance of Self-compassion in Chronic Disease
Jan 22 2021

As part of the struggle with the fundamental and profound changes as a result of living with a chronic health condition, we encounter the sometimes-overwhelming feelings of failure, shame, self-blame and weakness. Instead of acknowledging the courage, per…

Arjan Bogaers
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