How Solar Eclipse Can Affect Your Mind, Body, and Soul | Core Spirit

While wonderful things are happening in space we usually can’t see them. People are often extremely excited about Eclipses like the one coming up on the 21st, and this is because they are extremely rare.

During a total solar eclipse the sun, moon, and earth are in alignment and everything is being brought together. While most people don’t believe this sort of thing can or will have an impact on our energies, it will. Just as the sun, moon, and earth are coming together our mind, body, and soul are doing the same. The total solar eclipse will affect your balance and make you feel a bit confused. Chances are you have been feeling the energy coming our way from this eclipse for awhile now if you are a sensitive person and you may at this point be a bit overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with you and you have not made any huge mistakes to cause your energy to feel so sporadic, this is just how to eclipse works. You see, the total solar eclipse brings about change. A change inside of us that is without a doubt for the better. It is a means of promoting growth and will push us forward in life whether we are ready for it or not. [caption id="attachment_573160" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse Animation[/caption]

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