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Lasting Happiness

Apr 22, 2021

Dear Ones,

we all have been hypnotised into looking for our happiness outside us, whether it is in relationships, work, money, objects or experiences. But this way of living is very conditional and it seems that no matter how much one achieves, the promised happiness is more or less fleeting allowing just a little break before yet another objective is being chased. Like a cat chasing her own tail this doesn’t make much sense to anyone who stops and observes what’s really happening. And the one who stops and makes this realisation is now ready to awake fully and see clearly. The veil has been lifted…

To me this is truly a sacred moment…The illusion of being a separate person collapses too as the oneness of all living beings can’t be denied any longer. The gaze turns inwards and you realise that the true happiness you sought tirelessly in the world was within you all this time. It’s like you’ve been searching for the holy grail in all corners of the world and then one day found it hidden in your backyard. This must be a joke, you might laugh. Why couldn’t I see it before?

This inner happiness starts now revealing itself within you. Uncovering itself. It doesn’t seem to go away like the conditional happiness dependent on something external. It has the stability and real substance you’ve been longing for all this time. The same way as the sky above your head it is always there. Without you trying to make it happen.

You intuit that essentially you have only two choices. You can either give your attention to the clouds covering this sky - your ever changing thoughts and feelings - and eventually get caught again in the drama of life of good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant, joy and pain. Or you can refocus on “the blue sky” behind the clouds…Your pure consciousness. Your awareness. Your true nature. Your true happiness.

And it is not as mysterious as it might seem at first, because this is not the first time you encountered it. It’s always been there - when you were a child, teenager and through all your adulthood. It is your beingness. IT IS YOU! It doesn’t age. It doesn’t change. The everpresent witness of all your joy and pain. The part of you which is not touched by any life experience. The part of you which was never born and will never die. The eternal immortal you. The same awareness which is within everyone and bonds you with all life.

So you start inviting it into the forefront…Like someone dear to your heart you long to spend more time with. You start giving it more space in your everyday life. Through a simple question Am I aware? it becomes nearly tangible. The light of your awareness. Gentle peacefulness opening its arms within you and inviting everything and everyone. Gentle contentment. Gentle happiness. It starts overflowing into everything you do and to all your relationships.

On the outside it might even look like nothing has changed. No, you didn’t retreat into a monastery for good. But you come from a different place now. Your own cup is full and overflowing. So you don’t burden anyone anymore with the impossible responsibility to give you the everlasting happiness…You are free…

If you feel inspired join us for Loving Life Meditation (online on Zoom) or book a one to one life coaching session. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lots of love,


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Hi Jonathan, thank you for your lovely message. I know! This wish to know the truth about real lasting happiness earlier in life is so very common amongst us seekers. But I feel there is such a divine timing when the veil is lifted and we are finally able to see clearly. When we are ready, the truth unveils itself. So I am learning to trust that everything in life unfolds perfectly for all of us, no matter how it looks on the surface of creation. The mind can be such a wonderful tool, but it can also be a very divisive instrument, often judging quickly and telling us too late, too early, too slow, too fast…But there is so much joy when we can just surrender and trust…Anyway, thats what I am consciously choosing these days. Wishing you all the best and much joy on your journey! Jana

Very sincere speech! If I were 30 years younger, if I had learned a simple truth from a young age, further life would have been much easier! It seems to be a pity that the inspiration did not come immediately, and at the same time, I am still happy, for the inspiration came while I exist on this planet!

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