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June 17

Infinite Intelligence

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Dear Ones,

conditioning makes us identify with the mind to such a degree that most of us THINK that we wouldn't be able to function without it…Through my own spiritual growth I've always loved learning about the mind. It's quite fascinating when you first realise the power of the mind and how we all create our lives through our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Not all thoughts are creative, only those we give attention to and believe them to be true which is always accompanied by a feeling. If it's a positive thought we believe to be true we experience positive feelings such as joy, elevation, excitement and if the mind brings a negative thought and we give it attention and believe it to be true, we experience negative feelings such as worry, anger or fear. It's good to know that both of those moments are creative. We set something in motion, whether this was a conscious act like a positive affirmation or just a long term habitual act we once again repeated such as worrying…

But no matter how fascinating learning about the mind is, the greatest discovery for me was when I fully realised that ultimately I am not the mind! The identification with the body was already much weaker as I had many non-physical experiences whether in my meditations or while giving healing. The residual identification with the mind was more subtle. Maybe because I love to think…What a delight then to realise that ultimately I am this beingness, this presence, this gentle peace and joy! I can use my mind, especially for anything practical or for manifesting, but I can drop it whenever I don't need it. And I am now practicing this whenever I can, when I go for a walk, do any daily chores or any time I can. I just let go of the thoughts and drop into this vast beingness I share with everyone and everything, into this simple presence and at the same time this wonder of all wonders!

Many mystics speak about this infinite eternal part of us as Source, God, All-That-Is. And the more we allow ourselves to "be there", to allow our true nature in our everyday lives, the more the divine qualities - we all share - can come to the forefront. Qualities such as infinite love and infinite intelligence. So although the mind might try to convince us that we need it all the time, in fact true insights, higher guidance, intuition and all brilliant ideas, inventions and creative endeavours come from this infinite intelligence and can't be actually assigned to the small personal mind. And in that sense we can't even take the personal credit for them, which is not a problem for anyone who moved beyond the ego and truly understands Oneness and that we all share this Divine well of goodness.

I have to say, I am finding this truly practical! The mind can bring the idea that spiritual awakening is not practical, but don't we all want brilliant ideas, accurate inner guidance and clear knowing, whether it is for important life changing decisions or simple everyday situations such as at work or in relationships?

So if you feel inspired, take time everyday perhaps in the morning or in the evening or even better right now and just be! Drop the thoughts. If they come, let them go. In this moment you are the witness. In this moment you relax into your beingness. Are you aware? You might notice some feelings or bodily sensation and perhaps you might be aware of any background noise. But at this moment you don't engage in any commentary, which would mean engaging your mind. You can do this with your eyes open or your eyes closed. Just simply resting in your true nature. And if you feel inspired take it further, allow time for your beingness not just now but everyday.

I wonder what ideas and insights will start emerging for you, what will be the inner guidance you might receive…And if you feel inspired to share your experience with me, I would love to hear from you!

If you feel inspired join us for Loving Life Meditation (online on Zoom) or book a one to one life coaching session. I look forward to hearing from you! Lots of love, Jana


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