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Light of the Spirit Monastery
What Is the Real Heaven?

This is a selection from Abbot George Burke’s commentary on the Aquarian Gospel, The Aquarian Gospel for Awakening.

Behold, the kingdom of God is within you.–Luke 17:21

All in the mind

“In silent meditation Jesus sat beside a flowing spring. It was a …

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Bantu Chk
Reflections of a Sinner

Through my time under God’s stewardship, I have come face to face with unsettling patterns of thought, attitude, and conduct. The realization dawns upon me—I am a sinner, and my every duty falls short, weak and imperfect. In God’s presence, my acts strugg…

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The Year We Choose Love

These past couple of years have been filled with so much hate and violence. There is so much that divides our country and even friends and family. Valentine’s Day, a day to think about and show love, passed just a couple days ago. It made me think that we…

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Isaac Oluwaniyi
The peace that surpasses all understanding

The peace that surpasses all understanding. ☮️

Every single person on earth wants peace but not everyone knows how to get peace.

Trust me when I say money does not secure peace.

The peace that surpasses all understanding has only one source, and it com…

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Calaen Owen Burton
Disbelief and Compassion

Many many many times the disciples of the Messiah who physically walked with him had moments of disbelief. These moments show the human condition of how fast and easy it is for us to forget about the countless miracles present in our life daily.

There is…

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The Christ Dialogue
A healthy spiritual community starts with the individual.

After experiencing at least, a decade’s worth of church culture, I have finally come to some painful experiential realizations (beyond intellectual realization) about the nature of religion in general. These realizations especially include religious Chris…

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Demi Powell
This is what might have been removed from the Bible

The Vatican church, or the Roman Catholic church, has a long history of corruption and deception. Aside from literally committing acts of outright genocide several centuries ago against the Cathars, to sexually abusing children in more modern times, it is…

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Demi Powell
The History of Swastika: Symbol of Luck and Charm

It has long been known amongst historians and anthropologists that humans’ evil actions give meanings or reshape the perceptions of even the most peaceful of the notions and symbols.

Nowhere this fact is more evident than the stigma attached to the Swast…

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Elisa Webb
Bluetooth: Why Modern Tech is Named After Powerful King of Denmark and Norway

Harald “Blåtand” Gormsson was a King of Denmark and Norway who lived during the 10th century AD. He was responsible for the unification of Denmark. Following this feat, Harald set his sights beyond the borders of his own kingdom, and conquered Norway.


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Rudy Bryant
Why Jesus Washed His Disciples' Feet?

The whole life of Jesus Christ is a lesson not only to Christians but to the entire mankind. Each and every activity of his life is dedicated to the Almighty and it was him who patronized the idea that serving men and loving each other is the only way to …

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Tasimudzwanashe David Mkana
Do not harden your heart against Jesus. Repent and live

People of God how are you?

There are some among us who heard the gospel and truly want to repent and follow the Lord

Jesus but they keep putting it off for another day.

There are many reasons why people want to delay. They may have commitments.

They m…

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Cecil Ingram
Was the Christian or Hermetic Qabalah a Tool to Convert Jews to the Christian Faith?

In studying the history of the Christian Qabalah, or Hermetic Qabalah as it is also known to us, I have often seen the argument that Christians mainly took upon them to study the Jewish Qabalah because they saw many parrallells with Christian doctrine and…

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Jan Pope
Chrestos Magical Cup?

In 2008, an evidently pre-Christian cup or bowl was found at Alexandria, Egypt, with chrestou, the genitive form of the Greek word chrestos, inscribed on it. Naturally, there is a desire to push this artifact into the early first century and claim it has …

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Jan Pope
Reincarnation in Christianity

In biblical times, belief in reincarnation was so widespread, and was much a part of the culture, that it was taken for granted. Even Jesus was claimed to have confirmed it Matthew 11:13-14 where he stated that John the Baptist was Elijah whom the Bible p…

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Jan Pope
Demonic possession and the ancient practice of exorcism

Last year, the Roman Catholic Church announced that they were training up a new army of exorcists to meet the growing demand for experts to rid people of evil spirits. The Church claims that the “unprecedented rise” in requests for exorcism comes from mor…

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Jan Pope
3: The Perfect Number - Trinity Symbolism in World Religious Traditions

“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…”

The concept of a Trinity or triadic nature of the divine has been a part of our psyche for thousands of years, and has appeared in creation tales, myths, religious writings and holy texts the worl…

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Jan Pope
A Few More Thoughts About Christianity

Someone didn’t particularly care for the article “Thoughts About Christianity” which I recently wrote. She didn’t leave any comments on my blog article, but gave me quite an earful on my Face Book page. She also didn’t like the fact that I disagreed with …

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Jeanne Davis
Notion Of Heaven

Heaven may refer to the physical heavens, the Earths atmosphere, the solar system or the seemingly endless expanse of the universe beyond, though it is generally spoken of as a plane of existence (sometimes held to exist in our own universe) in religions …

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Carmen Butler
Religion in Jamaica: Finding the Self through Finding God

“God and nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.”

Marcus Garvey


The British seized c…

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Kim Smith
Pagan Roots? 5 Surprising Facts About Christmas

When you gather around the Christmas tree or stuff goodies into a stocking, you’re taking part in traditions that stretch back thousands of years — long before Christianity entered the mix.

Pagan, or non-Christian, traditions show up in this beloved wint…

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Eva Turner
How Evangelicals are Losing an Entire Generation

This morning I want to throw in the towel.

The morning hustle began as it always does on Friday mornings. I walked the dog, drank the coffee, cleaned the kitchen, and headed for the shower. My phone in my hand, I checked Twitter (you know, because I’m cu…

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Jackie Pratt

Enoch was in fact an alien, or he couldn’t have lived as long as he did - 366 years (3284-3017 BC.) - and impacted on the human consciousness hologram to help humanity evolve within that timeline. They had devices which gave the powers of communication, t…

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Jerome Patton
An Ancient, Millenia-Old Bible Discovered in Turkey

A 1,000-year-old bible was uncovered by police in Turkey after smugglers tried to sell the priceless book to undercover officers.

Police inside the central Turkish city of Tokat confiscated the ancient Bible, along with other priceless artifacts, after t…

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Demi Powell
2,000-year-old writings shed light on Jesus and religion

Scientists from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom, Roger Webb, and Chris Jeynes have just confirmed the authenticity of texts dating back more than 2,000 years, where Jesus and his disciples are mentioned. The ancient manuscripts claim that J…

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