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Disbelief and Compassion
May 5, 2022

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Many many many times the disciples of the Messiah who physically walked with him had moments of disbelief. These moments show the human condition of how fast and easy it is for us to forget about the countless miracles present in our life daily.

There is also another lesson to be learned. The Messiahs disciples, the very ones who walked with him PHYSICALLY disbelieved. What did The Messiah give us as an example to follow in these cases? Did he point his finger? Criticize them? Become self righteous? Condemn them? Any of this? No. Rather, with love, he gave each disciple the very proof each disciple needed for their individual salvation and work they were to do on this earth. We, as followers of the Teacher, should be first to show love towards those who disbelieve. We should remove from our innermost selves the self righteous judgement that comes from being puffed up from knowledge. Is knowledge the end of the walk?No. it’s just the first tier of righteousness. There is 7 tiers. The last being Wisdom. What’s after knowledge? Understanding.

With understanding comes the Love of God into our hearts. From that moment, the light of the heart starts to shine from within you, brightening your vision and bringing love, security, care, and anything good to you from your outer world because that’s the reflection of God. For the pure of heart shall see God.

I started this writing with the first paragraph as the intention of sharing love with those who disbelieve. The second was the Wisdom of God that was shown to me after the first paragraph. Not of my own doing. But of Gods.

Back to the original lesson I was trying to explain in full. All the writers of the Bible wrote their own revelation of God to the world. That is important to consider when reading the scripture. Every book is the revelation of the Spirit to the one who wrote it. My two favorite writers are Isaiah and Paul. I love Isaiah 40-66 because these are very, very, very empowering promises to hold me steadfast to the Rock of Our Salvation when ever I feel weak. I love Paul because he was almost like a cryptic code I had to decipher. Each time I think I decipher him, blows my socks off again. Even though he always gives me an astonishin amount of wisdom whenever I read his writings, the initial hurdles of completing the paradox’s of his writings and others had to be done for his wisdom to be unlocked. What a great Apostle he was. Even HIM, HE, was in disbelief until the Messiah revealed himself to him. Then, all of a sudden this zealous persecutor was transformed into a zealous performer of righteousness. Let that be the example of how Christ can use what is sin to others for the encouragement of the believers and the hand of grace to those who disbelieve.

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