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AcuPro Yoga Mat
Oct 29, 2021

AOK Health
Core Spirit member since Oct 29, 2021
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The Acupro® Yoga Mat is the world’s first fitness mat that incorporates a Deep Stimulation system, designed to cause a cascade of energy from the receptors of the hands and feet into the control systems of the body. The skin, muscle and fascia of the palms of our hands and soles of our feet contain thousands of sensory organelles, which when stimulated by the Acupro® Deep Stimulation nodes, release significant electrical impulses into the nervous and fascial systems. When combined with activities such as practising yoga postures or forms from Tai Chi, it significantly increases the overall energy flow in the body.

By providing stimulation, acupressure massage and trigger point therapy, this stimulation has been found to relax tight muscles during your regular exercise sessions. This unique technology is made to simultaneously increase circulation, co-ordination and balance, whilst helping to reduce muscle tension and discomfort.

The specially designed contoured surface has been designed to stimulate the hundreds of acu-points that cover the entire body. The same points used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, to facilitate healing in the body and mind via the improving the flow of Qi or vital energy.

By helping you improve the flow of blood, lymphatic fluid, and releasing tension in tired and overworked muscles, the body can move with greater ease and provide vital nutirents and oxygen to muscles, connective tissues and organs.

The added advantage of training on a slightly unstable surface will help stimulate your co-ordination development, much like running barefoot on sand or uneven surfaces.

So, if you demand the best in performance and want to maximise your workout efficiency, get on the AcuPro® Yoga Mat to enjoy an unfair advantage over your competition. Whether you are into yoga, pilates, or hardcore workouts, the AcuPro® Yoga Mat will help you maximise performance and recover faster between workouts.

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