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Natural Ways to Combat Unhappiness

Dec 4, 2019
Paisley Hansen
Core Spirit member since Nov 19, 2019
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If you are experiencing sad feelings, it can be difficult to find out ways to cope with these emotions. However, there are many ways to help these issues in a completely natural and safe manner.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise has numerous obvious benefits, such as strengthening your heart and muscles, as well as burning calories and boosting energy. However, it can also play a huge role in helping our mood and emotions It can serve as a distraction from the ruminating thoughts that often arise from stress, as well as boost your positive mood by releasing much-needed endorphins. Exercise is a great, natural way to help boost your mood and state of mind while also helping your body physically.

Utilize Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful way to provide a calming and healing environment, while at the same time making your home or space smell fantastic. Dissolving essential oils by placing three or four drops in a diffuser can be a great substitute for candles or an air freshener plug in. Additionally, consuming oils internally, such as copaiba essential oil, has been shown to provide relief to the nervous system when it is overworked or under stress. By mixing in copaiba oil with your drink of choice, such as water, coffee or tea, you can receive the benefits as well. Combine it with other oils, such as lavender or lemongrass, for a calming effect that will instantly help your mood.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is one of several habits that can help to reduce feelings of nervousness you have in your life. Meditating and other mindfulness exercises can increase your outlook on life and allow you to evaluate problems and issues that arise from a more relaxed and thoughtful standpoint. Meditation allows you to distance yourself from your worrying and obsessive thoughts as well. Depending on your needs, it can also be incredibly beneficial to find a guided meditation program through a website, book, or cell phone application that can help get you started with deep breathing techniques and ways to get the most out of your meditation, especially if your time is limited.

Opt Outside

With our culture shifting more and more indoors, it is more important than ever to find time to go outside. It has been proven that spending time outdoors and in nature can help ease stress and even improve your short-term memory. Spending extended periods of time outside is a great way to uplift your mood. Specifically, if you go somewhere that has large amounts of greenery and water, these environments can provide the maximum benefit. It can also improve your immune system as well as potentially lower blood pressure.

Use Positive Thinking

Over the past few decades, doctors, psychologists, and scientists have barely scratched the surface of what the human brain can do. Positive thinking is the act of constantly practicing optimism and incorporating euphemisms and affirmations into your thoughts on a regular basis. Positive thinking is a great way to increase coping skills and improve your mood. There are also physical health benefits associated with it, like lowering blood pressure and even increasing your lifespan. Practicing positive thinking can easily become a staple part of your everyday routine.

It does not have to be a struggle to find natural ways to help with emotions. Even if you still need help managing your health, you will have additional steps to take in order to put yourself in a better mood and enjoy living your life to the fullest you possibly can.

Paisley Hansen
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