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Numerology of 2020
Apr 8, 2020

The numerology of 2020

From a numerological perspective (the study of the symbology of numbers) 2020 is a significant year. The last time there were double digits in a year number was in 1919 and the next one will only be in 2121. What this means is that there will be a strong influx of new highly charged vibrational energy. “2” in numerology is about mysticism, spirituality, intuition and the unseen world. “0” is about openness, spiritual gifts and an opportunity to learn and experience new things. We have “2”, twos this year so these energies will be enhanced. Practically we will have to work a lot more with our intuitive promptings if we want to stay aligned and happy this year. It is also an opportunity to start listening to the gentle knowing of your body, your mind, and your spirit.


The body will show you what you need to feed it to stay healthy, it will suddenly like something and maybe it will want you to do a bit of a detox to start to recharge the energy reserves. It will start instructing you which supplements to take and which alternative modalities to explore to achieve optimal life. The key will be to listen, assimilate and apply this knowledge as soon as you receive it.

The Mind/Emotions:

The energy this year will move even faster than 2019 and so will your intuitive promptings. A good idea will be to journal these to make space for more. From an emotional/mental perspective, we will have to learn to let that shit go!! It’s almost like an energy gate has been opened that will allow us to shift unbalanced energy a lot faster than before, but to be able to do this effectively we have to work on balancing our emotions with our thoughts. It is time to let go of old out-dated beliefs, your past, especially the hurt and pain and move forward with awareness and consciousness.

The Spirit:

From a spiritual point of view, it’s an opportunity to grow and evolve at an accelerated pace. It’s time to integrate what you have learned, and to apply knowledge to turn it into wisdom. This will create the necessary changes to clean up the unbalanced energy from the last couple of years.

To assist this process it will be a good idea to do some spiritual housekeeping:

make sure you are not repeating old patterns

release anything or anyone that is not serving your highest good

be brave and bold

clear your life from anything that is vampire-ing your energy

go for energy healings and balancing

start a meditation practice

create a sacred space in your home

bring in natural elements into your home

2020 brings an opportunity to ascend the old ways of doing things, it asks us to do things in a different more conscious way and this can start right now.


In your home:

Re-use plastic items as far as you can, unfortunately, most of our household items come packaged in plastic, if you can re-use these items a couple of times before recycling, it will help the environment

Only buy items that you really need, if an item does not make your heart sing then you don’t need it.

Clear and donate

Up-cycle before buying new, sometimes furniture just needs some paint and love make them new and fresh

Start a worm-farm or start composting

Try and stay clear from chemicals

Do an energy clearing on your house

Paint a wall in a happy colour

In your mind:

Practice mindfulness- I am aware of what my mind is doing at every moment of the day

Have an electronic detox- read books and go for walks

Meditate daily - scientifically it has been proven that even just 5 minutes a day can make a massive difference in your mental state.

Create goals and visions for your future

Try and to stop obsessing about things you can’t control

In your emotions:

Practice transforming your emotions as soon as possible, the longer you sit with a specific emotion the harder it will be to shift your emotional state

Be careful not to get emotionally hijacked by unstable people ( when people tell you their whole life story and you start feeling trapped in a one-way conversation)

Go to the beach or a large body of water when you feel overwhelmed by your emotional state

Create strong boundaries when you find yourself in a balanced emotional state, this will help you to stabilize your energy.

At your Job:

Stay clear from gossip and office politics

Make sure you still have passion for your job

If you have lost passion for your job start exploring other options or study something interesting in your free time

Try and eat wholesome food and drink enough water when at work

Tips for setting effective Goals this year:

Dream big, there is a window of opportunity.

Create clear intentions of what you would like to experience this year.

Take action and stop procrastinating.

Allow things to flow towards your goals and needs, if you are misaligned to correct your path.

Share your energy with like-minded, like-hearted souls.

Affirm that you are the only authority in your life, therefore you are in control and you can create and uncreate.

Awareness for this year:

This year is the start of a new decade. It’s an opportunity to create the life that you are longing for. To be able to create this pathway to success you need a road map to guide you there and to keep you on track. To align with this energy it is important to do some self-reflecting to find out what it is that you truly want. The second step is to take the necessary action to realize your dreams. The third step is to create a date where you would like to check in how far you have come on your manifestation map. Like from a year I can see myself in this space having that experience feeling this emotion and enjoying life. Finally, create a journal where you can collect images and words describing the experiences you would like to attract. Make it real!!! Every night before you fall

asleep, page through this mind map journal and try and find a feeling to connect you to that experience. This focus will guide your energy into the subconscious mind and it will help you to magnetize these longings into your life. Ask that your subconscious mind translate these energy changes into physical experiences.

Tools and support systems :



Mindmap journal


Energy healing



A short synopsis of the numbers:

2020- intuitive change through divine structures

20- the ascension of outdated belief systems

2- activation of Intuitive knowing

0- opportunity, spiritual growth, and spiritual gifts

4- the structure and focussed discipline

For assistance on your personal energy year plan, life path, life purpose and to activate your full potential we offer the following:

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Life-path readings using wisdom cards

Personal Energy clearing and healing

Soul mandala workshops

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