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May 13

10 Yoga Myths Debunked

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1.Yoga is only for flexible people

The truth is that practicing Yoga asanas on a consistent basis improves flexibility. Saying you have to be flexible for Yoga is like saying you have to be in shape to go to the gym. In fact, Yoga increases the awareness of our body and the asanas which are difficult for us are the ones that we truly need. This comes over time as long as we have a playful attitude and stay connected with the breath.

2.Yoga is only for young, athletic people

The truth is that Yoga is for everyone regardless of the age, gender, physical ability or stamina. Anybody can begin to practice Yoga at any age under the able guidance of an experienced teacher.

3.Yoga is for spiritual people

The truth is that Yoga is for everyone as long as you can breathe. Sometimes Yoga can feel boring ,challenging or overwhelming among a million other things. The goal is to just observe these thoughts and feelings from a bird's eye view and just BE. Yoga is a way to connect with the present moment through your breath. Its an opportunity to tune into higher states of consciousness and connect with one's highest self.

4.Yoga is just stretching

The truth is that Yoga asanas is your chance to transform yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, The word "Yoga" means the union of mind and body through your breath. Yoga is a healing practice of mindfulness. Yoga only works for you as deeply as you allow it to.

5.Using props while doing Yoga is not good (or correct)

The truth is that using props when you need them will actually help to build strength, flexibility, and confidence over time. Every person has varying abilities and body mechanics. Yoga is meant to honor and celebrate these differences. While props can make difficult poses more accessible, they can just as easily modify a pose to be more intense or advanced.

6.Yoga is too hard

The truth is that each Yoga asana is a process and not the destination. Yoga practice is a playground for exploration of the connection between the body and the mind. It is not about touching the toes in a forward bend or about holding up in inversions. As long as you keep practicing without expectations of the perfect final pose, progress is bound to follow. Yoga is not a competitive sport and there is no reason to strive only for perfection. Its important to be able to let go and surrender to the present capacity and let the body blooms just like the flower does when its ready.

7.To do Yoga, a person must convert to Vegan

The truth is that there is no rule to be vegetarian or vegan if you want to practice Yoga. A lot of Yogis voluntarily give up meat and chose a more healthy and holistic lifestyle. We are what we eat and a balanced diet keeps our body and mind balanced.

8.Yoga is easy and anyone can learn Yoga by watching videos online or by reading a book

The truth is that watching videos or looking at amazing poses in books will inspire you. But this cannot be a replacement for learning under an experienced teacher. Its important to understand the nuances of the poses and also get feedback from the teacher to avoid injuries by repeatedly practicing in incorrect ways with half-baked knowledge.

9.All Yoga classes are the same

The truth is that there are different styles of Yoga. There is an evolution in Yoga in general and also in the practitioner who is practicing it. There are fast paced practices, practices focused on alignment, hot Yoga practices or practices focused on restoration or meditation. Our body is changing from day to day and it is very important to listen to your body and do what feels best for you on the given day. The beauty of Yoga is the diversity and there is something for everyone.

10.Yoga is not injury-prone

The truth is that Yoga must be practiced with Ahimsa i.e. lot of compassion towards oneself. A regular practice improves flexibility and strength that results in better mobility. You need to be able to breathe and be comfortable in each pose using the space that the body gives in that moment and not to abuse it. Yoga journey is a daily practice, an ongoing principle and an endless exploration full of possibilities.


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Pragati Oswal
May 17, 2021

Thank you Stormi. Happy to know that the article was informative and helped you feel motivated to give Yoga another try!

Stormi Smith
May 17, 2021

Thanks for the article! :) The first point actually makes me feel better! Because I've been discouraged by not being able to do all the poses from the videos I watched.

Pragati Oswal
May 13, 2021

Thank you Jonathan for the kind words! It is my mission to spread my love for Yoga with the world and busting the myths is very important like you pointed out!

Jonathan Tayron
May 13, 2021

Absolute truth!
Thanks for posting this article. Quite a bit I come across some of the myths, especially with such as "yoga is only for young, flexible, vegetarians are engaged in yoga." Funny and sad at the same time!
The truth is that yoga, like meditation, is a science that anyone can learn, and all these myths are like blocks that form our skeptical consciousness. We are used to treating everything with suspicion, distrust, this is both good and bad at the same time.

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