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Arzu Durukan
Apr 17, 2024, 07:00
Quantum Portal Journey


I will set the stage by building up the energy and the vehicle of light we will be traveling together, then we will pass through the portal to the realm where we will meet infinite number of you's. We will find the versions who has achieved the results you want, and I will guide you to merge with them one by one. Maximum 2 versions is recommended, as I will have you merge with 2 more versions at the preparation stage. The session will be recorded and you can re-listen to reinforce the power and effect of the session, by setting your intention to re-visit the time we did this together and utilizing the same power and energies we created together.

Other comments

This is a special portal session, a "True and Powerful Journey", not a meditation.

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Spirit Guides
Xyla Grey
Apr 16, 2024, 11:00
Plant Spirit Guide

I am a shamanic plant practitioner working through my family lineage of Slavic traditional witches, a certified herbalist, permaculture designer and work intimately with Plant Spirits. Everyone has a special Plant Spirit that they are attuned to and intuitively work with, whether they are aware of it or not. At times in our lives certain plants will reach out to us, they have knowledge to share, messages from our ancestral lineages, or wish to share their medicines with us. You might feel drawn to a certain tree or plant and then find out that you have a health condition that plant has the power to help heal. The world of plants is intimately connected to the world of humans.

I will shamanic journey to the Otherworld and see which Plant Spirits are around you that are resonating with your energy at this time and wish to come through with their medicine and messages.

Please provide me with a recent photo of yourself and if you have any plants, or trees that you have been attracted to recently, and wish to understand more of what they are trying to communicate, you are encouraged to share that as well. As part of my intuitive reading,included as well is pertinent facts and details of the plants in question; their medicinal values, how to work with them, ecology, folklore and perhaps even past life connections they have to you and your family line.

I will provide you with your main Plant Spirit guide that comes through in my journey as well as any others that may be as well. I will share some rituals, meditations, herbalist teachings or anything else that might help you in connecting and gaining a deeper understanding of your Plant Spirit Guide at this time.

I look forward to facilitating this step into the enchanted realms with you!

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Astar Elisa GhostSinger
Apr 17, 2024, 10:00
  • **Hi im Astar Elisa Ive been high preistess for 20 years and in buisness over 12
  • Im here to help you energergize you and ascend you! **


Im a Medium for the Alien Gods and Kings an Queens somtime. I was gaven a halo of light and became light worker aginst devils demons for some time. Ive helped a lot of ex satanist as Lucifers father helped me against hes son the evil one has evil rains on animal planet the beings of light also put their star children here to help us! May i help you as they help me!

Please and Tank You!

Have a magical day and night! God Bless!


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Spirit Guides
Xyla Grey
Apr 16, 2024, 11:00
Nature Connection Guide

Do you feel that Nature is trying to communicate with you? Do you have a connection to certain, trees, plants, or animals and wondering what that means for you? The Natural world is full of Otherworldly messengers, from the Elemental Beings, Nature Spirits, Animal Spirits, Fae and others who are constantly in communication with us through the veils between our world and theirs. In this 1 hour session, I intuitively help guide you with the help of your Spirit Guides, to help you understand what the beings of Nature are wishing to communicate with you and how you can create a deeper bond of connection to them. I would also be happy to guide you to rituals, meditations, protections (if need be) and the use of herbs and plant spirit allies that would be of assistance to you.

I look forward to assisting you on your enchanted journey with the Spirits of Nature!

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Rev. Maria D. Wilcox
Apr 17, 2024, 13:00
One on One Metaphysical Studies Class 1

Via e-mail and video sessions classes on such topics as :
Herbs , Stones, Divination, Spell Craft, Pyramid Power, and Energy Work 1 and 2.
You will receive a one on one guided experience designed to expand your knowledge and give you hands on experience in the topic being discussed.

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Spirit Guides
Anthony Cohen
Apr 18, 2024, 23:00
Life secrets for true fulfilment!

What's the meaning of life? Why can life feel so challenging? Why is it hard to find true fulfilment?
If you're asking yourself these questions, it's a wonderful sign, it means you are ready to embark the most fascinating journey as a human being, you are ready to cross the bridge to the deepest human experiences :)

My name is Anthony, I was born and raised in the south of France. I have always been fascinated by the human condition. I have spent many years studying different teachings and learning more about the universal laws, which are counter-intuitive and mostly unknown in our society.

I would be very happy to provide guidance and to support you on this path. We can talk about any area of life (work, love, health, psychology, etc), from a spiritual perspective with elevated consciousness.

Looking forward to it!


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Spirit Guides
Belinda Thompson
Apr 17, 2024, 06:00
Psychic Readings

I tap into your emotions and blockages. Help you clear them. I received messages from your guides and angels. Help you with advise for your life.

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Sandy R Freschi, Intuitive Guide & Human Design Consultant
Apr 17, 2024, 14:00
Confusion to Clarity Session

Are you trying to figure out who you are and where you're going? Do you need to make a decision but don't know what to do? Let's get together and work it out. I'll clue you into how your body is trying to communicate with you to get you to live your best human life and what you need to pay attention to when making big decisions. We'll feel into the energies around you and identify your next best steps toward your desired outcome.

This is a strategy session for your body and soul. My desire is to get you grounded and reoriented in your life so that you move into your highest timeline. We'll take into account where you are in your life, where you want to go, what's on your Human Design blueprint, and the higher guidance from the Akashic field, your higher self, and personal guide team.

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Spirit Guides
Michelle L. Raymond
Apr 18, 2024, 17:00
Card Reading - Angels & Ancestors

Connect to your sacred inner wisdom with help from the ancient guides, leaders and seers from days forgotten.

A personalised reading can bring light to your questions, guide your next steps and clear your mind from doubt.

Choose between 4 types of readings:
  1. The 1 card question
  2. The card cross
  3. The 3 card question
  4. The Celtec spread (my personal favourite)
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Trishana Suman
Apr 17, 2024, 02:00
Gene Key Reading

The Gene Keys are a deep dive into our internal world. They present a sacred algorithm for humans to embody based off of the blueprint we were given at the time of birth. Essentially, it is a technique which one can learn and practice to understand themselves and their own uniqueness, in order to most efficiently and harmoniously interact with the internal and external world, and to have a greater understanding of the connectedness of all people and all things.

This framework was created by a student of the man who channeled Human Design, It uses the same underlying algorithm (the positions of the planets and the I-Ching/Spheres), to assist guide oneself into a deep contemplation process, to observe, and ultimately, to transmute, ones own (and humanity’s) Shadow frequencies into Gift and Siddhic frequencies.

The Gene Keys have absolutely shifted my awareness, perception, and understanding of my inner and outer reality. I not only have a greater understanding of my own unique gifts, quirks, and contributions to the collective whole, but now I also have a greater understanding and acceptance, of how and why others are the way that they are.

These teachings have supported me immensely., and I believe they may do the same for you.

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Heather Hobson
Apr 19, 2024, 17:00

Personal 1-on-1 guided RAINBOW LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION session. This is an extremely powerful tool for further supporting your ascension process and accessing your higher chakras. 12 chakra activation, rainbow light body transmission, and galactic journey to connect with your cosmic origins. Perfect for Starseeds & those wanting to take their spiritual awakening journey to the next level

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Michelle L. Raymond
Apr 18, 2024, 17:00
Blind spot Intuitive Reading

A challenging and highly introspective session to get you in touch with that which is hidden, trapped, denied and rejected within you.

This is a chance to really expand yourself in new ways.

The only way to grow is to get out of your comfort zone. Are you ready to be unleashed?

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Filipe Moleiro
Apr 17, 2024, 13:00

The sessions are perfect for:

– Learning how to experience happiness, love, freedom, passion & purpose, and live a constant good feeling life experience;

– Receiving personal guidance on how to live, create and manifest the life you desire;


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Spirit Guides
Kerstin Kramer
Apr 17, 2024, 20:00
Spirit Guide Reading

Since I was little I've had people confiding in me with things that they've never talked about with anyone else. During my years as a practitioner clients keep saying to me "You are the only one who sees the real me and who understand me!". People feel safe in sharing with me, as they feel that I come from a place of complete non-judgement, love and understanding. When people connect with me I raise my vibration, connect with their Spirit Guides and soul essence/higher self. In that space I see them in all their glory and I can sense what is holding them back from living a fulfilled life. We all have stumbling blocks in life, but they can all certainly be overcome with patience and love!

If you've been feeling stuck in your life and don't know how to move forward, this service is for you! We will connect via phone to talk about your most burning questions! I will share what I see and feel; some of it may be unexpected, some of it will feel true to you. I will be honest and forthcoming, but always deliver what I have to share from a place of profound compassion and love. Let's see how we can help you move forward together! It won't be as hard as you imagine it to be - I promise!

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Janice Quijano
Apr 17, 2024, 17:00
Advice - Problem Solving - Solutions

let's talk
*Life and relationships can be complex and complicated which can leave us confused, unnecessarily emotionally attached, or in search of a positive reenforcement. I am here to listen, advice, and guide. *****

I am not a psychologist nor life coach - no gimmicks - no assignments - no need for frequent visits. What I do is a form of healing through intuitive dialogue, With an open mind and a heart ready to listen we can move forward to a better perspective unto one's life.

My goal: is to provide fast solutions for a peace of mind.


Our inner light at times can have a shut off button. When that occurs we fall short of our purpose and become distracted. That only means this light is hidding due to the possibility of an unresolved issue or underlining thought. The Goal: getting rid of the block.

The matters of any such relationships can be challenging when emotionally involved. Within us we have the answers but in most cases it takes reflecting to let go or hold on. The Goal: Reflection, Strength, and Courage.

Working environments are about positive dynamics. At times it is a skill just to navigate through employers and employees. The Goal: To understand the weaknesses to get to a healthy productive workspace.

Confidence creates certainty, when we lack it our fire from within suffers and with that so does our purpose. Making the necessary changes for the embetterment of You will create that confidence inside. The Goal: Identifying the lack there of.

Starting a business, questioning the partnership, uncertain about risks??? Possibly your most sensitive time in making executive and life changing decisions. The Goal: Define the decision, time is money, effort, & energy.

You have a feeling about what you would like to make your career but is it the right choice? Changes are happening and there is hesitancy in moving forward towards a new path. The Goal: Establishing a road map to connect to your true self.

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Raquel Stewart
Apr 16, 2024, 16:00
Soul's Path Practitioner Akashic Reader

Raquel is a Holistic Awakening Consultant offering her gift of Intuituve channeling for individuals ready to live fully in their true essence and be present now and awaken to their own inner power and live their lives purpose. She uses her own expression of energetic channeled intuitive knowing, working as a certified Reiki Master (distant Reiki) and Akashic Records Reader, inner weaving her ancestral spiritual gifts to guide her clients to the healing that already exists within them.

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Lyndsay Toensing Coaching & Healing
Apr 16, 2024, 17:00
Transformational Coaching Session - Clarity

This 90-minute clarity coaching session is for people who are going through or have been through a spiritual awakening and are feeling lost, alone, and confused.

These 90 minutes are just for you to explore what you want, what challenges you are facing, and to support you in moving forward towards and authentic, inspired life.

At the end of our session, I’ll share any tools or resources that I think may help you towards creating an authentic, inspired life.

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Spirit Guides
Laura Bazso
Apr 17, 2024, 13:00
Brampton, ON, Canada
Past life

Understand how your last life effects your life this time around

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Larissa Thera
Apr 17, 2024, 13:00
Twin Flame Guidance

Sometimes we meet people with whom we have an extraordinary connection and it turns our world upside down. This connection may be a twin flame – an experience designed by your higher self to help you awaken and expand your consciousness. We will sit together and use our inner insight to help you navigate the twin flame process.

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Spirit Guides
Daina Hope
Apr 17, 2024, 15:00
Intuitive angel card readings.

What you need to do before your session with me is write down all your questions on a paper. I don’t what to know your questions they are just there for you. What the angels feel is most important in your life right now is what is going to come up. But don’t worry 99% of your questions will be answered and you will be amazed. I do it this way so I can stay pure and open to source and so you can know what is truly important for you to know right now.

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Darren Peters
Apr 22, 2024, 09:00
Serenity healing sessions

Grant me the serenity
To accept the thing I can not change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

There are many things happening right now that we can not change and many things that we can

Drawing on the power of each clients higher self these sessions are a combination of talking therapy and energy healing to bring peace and serenity into the clients heart, mind and soul.

Take advantage of half price introduction consultation

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Meera Shah
Apr 16, 2024, 16:00
Transformational Power Session

I am offering a transformational 90 minute empowerment session where we look at:

  • Your current Landscape
  • How happpy you are with your current life
  • Whats holding you back
  • What limiting beliefs are you carrying
  • Are you living authentically from your heart and soul

We then do a deep healing and come up with an affirmation for you to walk away with. This affirmation is guaranteed to unlock something deep within you to move you into the next phase of your life. A deep and powerful healing and transformation occurs.

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Spirit Guides
Iya Tilewa
Apr 17, 2024, 13:00
Direct Your Destiny Intuition Hack 6 Week Private Online Program

Direct Your Destiny Intuition Hack 6-Week Program begins as a follow-up to Reveal Your Destiny Intuition Hack Session. During that private one-on-one session, we would have tapped into the divine messages of your guides to draw out shamanic signs. The shamanic signs help us to explore your life, karmic path, potentials and ultimately your destiny. The signs tell you where to focus your attention and effort and show you how to overcome some specific obstacles.

The Direct 6-Week Program provide you support to stay on the personal goals and action steps revealed in the spirit session. I will be your personal guide during the duration of the program. I will help you stay focused. We will discusss, meditate and share insights. We will also take specific steps to help you to achive success.

At the end of the 6-Week period, you will receive a free Reveal Your Destiny Intuition Reading to see how you progressed through Spirit. This is a cool $150 value.

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Jen Unger
Apr 17, 2024, 13:00
Mini Soul Plan Reading

What exactly is a Soul Plan Reading…

Well, our names that were chosen for us in this current lifetime have a sound to them, a universal vibration. When we look at our name and change them into numbers they begin to tell us a new story.

We each came into this lifetime with a set of challenges to overcome a lesson that we wanted to learn. We also have our own unique talents and tool sets to help us not only overcome our challenges but also to help us to reach our goals.

A soul plan reading is like a blueprint to your life it gives you insight and confirmation. It’s a tool that helps you to tap into and harness your own uniqueness.

What you can expect during your mini soul plan reading session:
- Sacred space will be open and held
- Your own individual soul plan will be calculated for you based on your birth name
- Setting intentions for your soul plan experience
- Intuitive “Postcard from Spirit” card reading
- We will look at explore your worldly challenges, talents & goals.
- Organic discussion on how this information can be incorporated and utilized in your daily life.
- Positive affirmation that can be used to create your own unique ritual at home.

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