Self Awareness Sessions

coaching session
$75 USD
$75 USD

Self Awareness sessions we will address emotions, mindfulness, meditation, grounding and physical awareness on levels where you will reconize how your self awareness should be governing you at every present moment and to be available to a positive state of being during your functioning hours of the day.

You will choose a subject and we will focus one hour sessions on that subject.

I am a universal Life Coach so I let you do what feels comfortable for your journey and you will not follow by my way of awareness we will follow the best procedure that will keep your awareness in the present moment after we address your learning style after our first session.

We will focus on one subject until you are ready to move on to the next.

The outcome of every subject is to be avaialble to use these technics, and transmute any emotion in your present moments either working or resting, .****

Transmuting, fear, anger, frustration, and negative emotions through clarity, and focus…..

I offer group sessions $75 for every two people attending maximum capacity is 10 people

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Hi I am Rena Price Certified Life Coach, Mentor, Empath, Speaker, and Author living in Fresno, CA
I specialize in internal nature where I can help you discover any issue of life at its root. I am a Shaman by my nature. I help you auto correct or biologically reboot your DNA with just internal understanding, self healing without anything but your conscious awareness.

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021

Developmental Psychology
Life Coaching Sessions
Nearest available time:
Oct 5, 2023, 17:00
$75 USD
coaching session

Life Coaching
Life Coaching is a opportunity to take life's circumstances from failure to success.
Inspire yourself to take steps to success, wealth, wellbeing, career, relationship, personal development, unlocking barriers, and blocks, and awakening body, mind and soul awareness.

I am a Internal Life Coach and I will help you go to the root of any problem, issue, circumstance or life challenge and transmute it to a outcome that leads to permenent success. If change is what you seek Life Coaching will get you there…

***The outcome of these session will be:

  • To understand your hearts desires and know how to accomplish them.
  • Discover yourself on levels that you never thought exist.
  • Fulfill your needs where self love is your first priority
  • Find relationships that bring you comfort
  • Build a foundation that you can stand on
  • Clarity of your life purpose
  • A powerful mindset
  • Accountibility to your goals
  • Set tanglible goals
  • Find inner strength and peace
  • Mental clarity
  • Prosperity consciousness
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Self care and personal development

We will address anything that you may experice blocks, defeat, or self doubt and with every session we will work towards developing strategies that will evolve into success.

Never let life steal what your inner creator came to sustain abundantly….

Rena Price
Distance Healing
Biological Reboot
Nearest available time:
Oct 5, 2023, 17:00
$75 USD
coaching session

I will do a hour session where I will help you to understand yourself on a biological level verses just knowing yourself as a body.

1st session will be biological understanding of yourself as an cell.

2nd session we will work from the discovery that we unlocked from your first session and every session from their will be your self discovery evolving itself as we go along.

You will become your own guidance system and I will help you stay committed to the reboot that will be automatically changing your circumstances as we go along.

You will learn the biology of self healing, self love, self worth, and self discovery on your own journey and your own personal understanding.

These sessions are universal and they touch on every area of life's issues. But mostly it is going within your genetic structure and clearing away past trauma's that you carry from within your DNA.

You will understand yourself as an biological being or as the creator of life verses life is just happeing.

The outcome of these sessions is permenent change in whatever area of your life you choose to reboot in the sessions.

Rena Price
Spiritual Healing
Healing Trauma Sessions
Nearest available time:
Oct 5, 2023, 17:00
$75 USD
coaching session

Healing Trauma Sessions Childhood trauma, relationship truama, Abuse, loss, trauma of on any level I will help you address it on a level of Post Tramatic Growth where you will discover:

  • Greater sense of personal strength
  • Improved relationships
  • Greater compassion for self and others
  • New posibilites for life
  • How to overcome survival mode
  • Plant new roots
  • Trust life will not hurt you
  • Transmute triggures into peace
  • Cultivate inner strenght to thrive
  • Find your true self
  • Heal the inner child
  • Meet the new version of yourself

The outcome of these sessions will release that energy from your mind and body and bring past wounds and truamas to complete resolution.
You will also awaken a higher consciouness, and your inner guidance system.

Rena Price
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